Let us find out how many jobs are available in military/government/technical

Working in the military fills one with a sense of pride and nationalism. It is the best way that one can give back to their country. We come across many questions that ask how many jobs are available in military/government/technical as people are not aware of the multiple job options available. When we asked the same military professionals, we were amazed to find numerous opportunities too.

The military sector is always on the lookout for the best professionals since it deals directly with national defense. To join the military, you have to be the best in your field. The government ensures that your contribution to the nation’s service is compensated with the best salaries & perks. The most important benefit is the healthcare benefit – which is extended to the entire family, even after retirement. 

In this article, we will find out the top jobs available in military/government/technical sector. Let us find it out:

Awesome Job Available in military/government/technical


This job is not directly linked with the war zone, but it is the most crucial role offered. In this role, transporting the troop, cargo, and enforcement support is the primary responsibility. The key skill needed for this role is the ability to fly numerous flights safely. On average, the pilot earns close to $40K, yet it depends on the years of experience, responsibilities held & skills of the pilot. 

Pilot for Drones

Drones have become quite crucial when it comes to military warfare. So, drone pilots have a wide responsibility when it comes to controlling the drones remotely – for locating the military troop, tapping the enemy’s weapons, and other aerial activities. Having the potential to earn a little over $44K, this is an exciting opportunity for experienced professionals. 

Combat Engineers

Did you think that engineers work great only on construction sites? Then, you are wrong. The military has a broad scope for the military personnel – who support during the navigation by providing seamless transportation through bridge construction, elimination of hazards & removal of explosives. Its an integral role in the military – thus bagging a close of $50K annual basic pay. 

IT professional

The role of IT in the military is quite crucial. Why? Often, the military deals with a wide range of data, hence data mining, administration, and analysis become crucial. Moreover, maintenance of the network systems also becomes very crucial – and this is where the IT professionals play a crucial role in their service. 

Job Benefits for working in military/government/technical

If you are looking for a service that pays you, even after your retirement, then military service is the one for you. Excellent cash bonuses backed by some really wonderful post-retirement plans help you in navigating through your career. Moreover, you can avail yourself of awesome goods at a subsidized price from the military canteen. Military service also provides you with excellent health benefits that cover you and your family, even after your retirement. Another added benefit is the ease with which you can pay your student loan if you’re joining the military during your education days. Moreover, the excellent travel plan that is available for you to take a break from the work is what makes military service really seamless. 

The reputation that a military working personal garner over life is unmatchable.

Are you still wondering how many jobs are available in military/government/technical sector?

Having a job in the military or government sector is really a thing of pride. If you’re still wondering, how many jobs are available in the military, we hope that this article gave you a brief about it. What’s interesting is that you can apply for this job even while you’re studying in college.

Prepare yourself for the entrance exams in the best way to avail yourself of the best. Bing job for you and give a boost to your career serving in the military is not only a thing of pride, but it also ensures that your family life is completely settled. So don’t think twice before applying for this profession as it ensures the best for you and your family.

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