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How to Choose a Church


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When you become a Christian, one of the first things you often consider is finding a church to attend.

Learning about what different churches have to offer and the important questions to ask can help make your church-choosing journey a bit easier.

Wondering how to choose a church? Here are our church tips for new Christians.

Evaluating the Church’s Beliefs

When it comes to choosing the right church, it is important to evaluate the church’s beliefs. Evaluate the church’s doctrine and how closely it aligns with your own beliefs.

Does the church have a clearly defined statement of faith and active teachings? The statement of faith should declare doctrinal beliefs about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Bible.

Once you have read and evaluated the beliefs of the church, you should attend a few services or classes to get a better feel of the church. It is here that you should observe the attitudes of the church members and how the church lives out its statement of faith.

Research Missions and Practices

This will give you an idea of what the church values and strives for and will clue you into how deeply the church takes its mission seriously. Once you have a feel for the mission of the church, you can research its practices. Look at the core beliefs of the church and its culture.

Utilize relationships such as visiting the church or speaking to friends or family members who already belong to the church to get a first-hand experience of the church environment and its members. 

Investigating the Congregation’s Preaching Style

A key factor is a pastor or other religious leader, who should provide strong leadership and guidance. Look for someone who is an effective communicator, committed to making sure the church’s message is heard, and who actively engages the congregation.

It is important to attend a few services to get a feel for the style of services and the preacher’s style of delivering the sermon. Pay attention to the messages and tone of delivery the preacher uses.

Consider how the sermon is presented and the length of the service. There are many different preaching styles, so it is important to do research and choose a church that has a style that resonates with you and your faith.

Consider Your Religion

Consider your religion and weigh your own beliefs and values against the teachings of the church you are considering. Look at the basic tenets of their faith and how those fit with your own.

Explore their scriptures and gain a better understanding of their teachings. Determine what level of religious involvement is a good fit for you. Many churches, like a local Baptist church, come with a variety of religious activities and depths of faith, so make sure to choose one that meets your religious needs.

Do research on the community that your church services and get to know the members. Knowing the people and the culture of the church are important steps to finding the right church for you.

Learn How to Choose a Church and Find God

Learn how to choose a church by considering your beliefs. Start your search today and find a church that will support your growth and spiritual journey.

Join a community that will provide meaningful relationships and spiritual growth. Take the time to find one that works for you and your family.

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