Is marine transportation a good career path in 2022?






Marine transportation refers to transit by sea or any bodies of water – the question is — is marine transportation a good career path?

Marine transportation could vary from small recreation vessels to large commercial ships. It is an important aspect of the economy since it allows the transport of commodities and resources that would otherwise be complicated or impossible to carry by land.

There are several work opportunities in marine transportation, ranging from being a merchant sailor on a small boat to piloting a massive cargo ship.

Marine transportation professions may be incredibly rewarding, however, it can sometimes be physically and mentally demanding.

Is Marine Transport a good career choice?

Because of its enormous significance in American business — marine transportation is an excellent vocation to seek. 

Under the Bureau of Labor Statistics, maritime transportation employees earned a median annual compensation of $59,250.

Anyone could perhaps enter the industry if they have a high school diploma or a postsecondary certificate.

A post-secondary credential is frequently expected for entrance — whereas a high school diploma is necessary for 35% of workers.

Working in maritime transportation may provide you with outstanding pay, wonderful perks, and a one-of-a-kind experience.

Top 7 Jobs in Marine Transportation in 2022

  1. Marine Systems Engineering (annual salary: $66,000–$98,000)

Marine engineers are responsible for the upkeep and restoration of ship machinery — If somehow the engineering aspects of a shipyard interest you, this is an intriguing career option.

Marine engineers’ core concern is on the power-producing engines, along with auxiliary equipment and systems used in a variety of ships, boats, and offshore constructions.

  • Marine Data Science (annual salary: $72,000—$107,000)

MDS revolves around extracting information from maritime statistics, e.g. oceanographic data gathered using both situ method and remote sensing technologies.

When faced with a difficult query — data scientists transform into investigators, following clues and attempting to uncover patterns within the data.

  • Marine Engineering Consultant (annual salary: $74,000–$121,000)

Maritime consultants are individuals and corporations who have the competence to consult and propose new shipping lanes.

As well as recognize other necessary transportation concerns regarding, individuals and companies involved in the marine industry in order to assist them to bump up, and progress the industry favorably.

  • Vessel Operators (annual salary: $62,000–$85,000)

A vessel operator oversees a wide range of onboard operations, including crew management, payments, and paperwork.

As a ship operator — you must meet with stevedores, independent contractors, agents, crew members, and much more paperwork related.

  • Shipbuilding Engineer (annual salary: $70,000–$82,000)

A shipbuilding engineer is a professional who specializes in the engineering side of developing and building maritime ships.

To be certified to work at a shipbuilding yard, similarly to any other engineering profession. Four years of coursework are required.

  • Ship superintendent (annual salary: $102,000–$143,000)

A ship superintendent is to ensure that all repairs on a ship are completed correctly, especially whenever the vessel is in a dry dock.

A ship superintendent is to monitor and manage a shipyard or dockyard repair operation.

  • Radio Technician (annual salary: $47,000–$71,000)

A radio technician is a specialist in the planning, installation, and maintenance of radio station transmission systems.

As a radio technician, your objectives involve selecting and keeping the best equipment for the radio program to which you have been assigned, together with completing any required electrical and equipment repairs.

Benefits of working in Marine Transportation in 2022

Upon working in marine transportation, aside from the good pay — there are several benefits that we could get e.g. Opportunities for rapid career progression, incentives for travel, A potential to collaborate with a few people, etc.

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