Is Public Utilities A Good Career Path? Let us find out!

If you appreciate helping others and making a difference in people’s lives—you may definitely look into working in public utilities. Thus, the real question is, are public utilities a good career path for you?

The sector provides a chance in a multitude of fields that will not turn into disappointment. Most fine individuals find it rewarding to guarantee that their community lives pleasantly and to be compensated for it.

Individuals working in public utilities collaborate with the government and communities to ensure the provision of fundamental services like drinking water, gas, and electricity — Careers in this profession are undoubtedly very lucrative in terms of compensation, economic expansion, and career progression.

How much can we expect our monthly salary to be? 

Careers in public utilities range from engineers to communication specialists to management. 

The income of a utility employee depends on the work. When you are newly graduated from college—you will most probably get hired for an entry-level position with a lesser wage. 

Although, this shouldn’t deter you, since these fields provide excellent career progression prospects and employment stability.

As per the study, personnel in public utilities earn around $47.34 per hour on average.

5 Best Careers in Public Utility to Watch Out for in 2022

Below are the best Careers in Public Utility


According to the United States BLS, engineers are a significant element of the utility industry and some of the highest-paid positions—with average wages of $100,640

They are to ensure the safe generation and distribution of energy in all sectors — particularly natural gas, electricity, water & sanitation, and telecommunications.

There are several public utility engineering career options, spanning from entry-level to intermediate to more established positions — such as Telecommunication engineers, or in the domain of Computer Science, Mechanical engineering, and many more.

However, job requirements change from one industry to the other. As Engineers in this field vary in terms of education, discipline, roles, and industry.


In the utility industry, management positions range from team leaders to top-level executives. Manager qualifications and job descriptions vary based on the type of firm and the services provided.

Managerial responsibilities include planning, organizing, directing, and regulating functions within an association.

Every firm is in need of a manager, in order to raise productivity by improving labor and process efficiency and effectiveness. 

Managers’ salaries in the utility business vary depending on their rank and industry — Its annual salaries vary from $52,000 to $170,000.


Accountants are needed in any organization to assist with financial choices. And their responsibilities may include collecting and tracking relative internal and external payments; amending finances by audits; Preparation of budget projections; Tax and returns processing; and many other financial-related.

Maintenance & production: Repair and installation

Public utilities require substantial equipment and infrastructure—whether it be for gas distribution, sewage or water management systems, or electricity production and distribution.

These items require routine maintenance and the aid of professionals and specialists. It subjected individuals with only a high school diploma to internal training for entry-level roles in this bracket.

Technician for Wind turbine

Experts predict a 68% increase in job growth in the electric power sector by 2030. And with a typical salary of $55 k — there is sufficient money to go around.

However, you must be somewhat of a thrill seeker because these vocations may bring you to a certain terrifying height.


So, does it answer your question – is public utility a good career path for you?

Possessing a zeal for the profession and a desire to enhance your talents may pay off handsomely as you advance. Several public utility employees begin their careers in entry-level roles—and do not let this discourage you! 

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