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Are you creating amazing TikTok content but struggling to get likes on your videos? TikTok Likes are the measure of how much people love your content, and a lack of likes may demotivate you. They are vital to boost your profile, increase reach and give an edge over your competitors. You are at the right place if you are still finding effective strategies to get more likes. In this article, we will provide some proven strategies to improve likes on your TikTok videos and make them reach a wider audience.

10 Effective Strategies to get more TikTok Likes

Although there are many ways to improve likes, the main thing is which strategies work best for you. Here are some proven strategies that helped influencers and creators increase their likes and popularity.

Optimising your Profile

Create a catchy and easy-to-remember username, compelling bio, and attractive profile picture that can speak for your brand. Optimised profiles seem more professional and honest and gain more trust from people. Mention other social media profiles in the bio section to increase the authenticity of your profile and make people believe in your business or existence. Pin your viral and most liked videos to show new visitors about your best performances. This helps bring more people to your profile, increasing TikTok likes.

Leverage Trends

Keep an eye on the new trends and use them the most. Participate in various challenges to increase the visibility of your profile. Use trendy songs in your videos, even if you are showcasing your products or services. A high number of people view videos on those songs, and your video may be viewed and liked by many. Use trending hashtags to increase reach and likes. The best way to know about the trends is by checking the Discover and “for you” feed, which shows the most trending and viral videos.

Identify your target viewers

Being a creator adding relevant content according to your target market is necessary. To do so, define your niche, say “Fitness”, and determine your TikTok target viewers. Analyse demographics (for example, an 18-35 urban audience). Analyse engagement metrics to identify preferences (home exercises, yoga or intense workouts). Analyse competitors for insights and engage with your audience to learn about their needs. To attract target viewers, use trends and challenges related to your niche (for example, HIIT exercises).

Make material such as home workouts, personalised nutrition advice, and success stories. Update your content according to comments and preferences. This method lets you personalise your content to your fitness-focused target audience, increasing your chances of receiving more likes and engagement.

Post Regularly

TikTok is a platform where regular posting helps to gain more followers and likes. Decide in advance which type of content you will post for the next 3-4 days. Regular posting doesn’t mean you can post whatever you find easy to create. It should be of good quality and must be relevant to your niche. The easiest way is to create the video one day, send it for editing the next day, and schedule it for the third day.

Similarly, you can schedule posts on the desired dates if you have content in advance. Make sure to alter the schedule if there is any new trend in the industry. Regular posting makes people believe they will find new videos on your account daily, and you may get new followers.

Use Creative Titles and Trending Hashtags

Use creative titles and trending and relevant hashtags in your videos to reach a wider audience and enhance discoverability. Research properly for the video titles as they should be unique, clickbait and engaging. If you have a good title that will gain much attention, create a fresh video on the topic and publish it. Never procrastinate, as the topic that may be best today may hold no value tomorrow. Apart from that, many influences have confessed that trending hashtags helped them gain immense popularity on TikTok. You can easily add some hashtags and make your content reach millions.

Grab attention in the first few seconds.

In a fast-paced environment, people judge video content just by watching it for the first few seconds. If they find it interesting, they may go on watching the entire video, even if it is long. Try to add the best elements, content, visuals, and curiosity, in the beginning, to hook viewers until the end. Moreover, add music relevant to your content, as music is a crucial element of a video and should relate to it. For example, adding soft music in a workout video that should contain some inspirational music is immature.

Collaborate with other Creators

This is one of the best ways to skyrocket the likes on your videos. You can connect with famous influencers and create a collab or a duet video with them. Find people who create similar videos as you and try to connect with them via email or direct. If you are a new creator, it isn’t easy to do it, but you can still request them for a collab. Collaboration with others enhances your profile visibility to their followers, and you may also notice some of them in your profile.

Add your own music and sounds

If you have a soulful voice and like singing, you can also add your own music to your videos. Many people sing in groups and add those sounds to their videos. It is a great way to create something new, and if it goes viral, your profile will be flooded with likes and followers. Even if you are creating theme-based videos, try to add your unique content in your own voice rather them lip-syncing others.

Engage with your Audience

Engaging your TikTok audience via comments and messaging is critical for generating likes. It establishes a relationship, promotes interaction, and expresses gratitude. By replying quickly and truthfully, you develop relationships with your fans and attract new viewers. Furthermore, this involvement provides significant insights into audience preferences and suggestions, which can be utilised in directing future content creation.

Utilise TikTok’s features

Utilise the platform’s features to get TikTok likes. Use filters, effects, and text overlays to improve your videos’ aesthetic attractiveness. Experiment with various styles and effects to create one-of-a-kind and intriguing content. Text overlays can be used to highlight crucial statements or to provide a creative touch. These elements enhance the visual appeal of your videos, attracting more viewers and boosting likes.


At last, all you have to remember is getting more likes and followers on TikTok is easy. The above-proven strategies are enough to attract more followers, and Tiktok likes. Make sure to add relevant and engaging content according to your niche. Avoid falling in for any disputes or negativity between other influencers and focus on your videos and creativity. Taking the help of other social media platforms to bring more people to your TikTok profile can also help.

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