About us

Embrace OM gives the right direction to follow your life. Our channel provides every possible inspiration and tip that gives a perfect way to lead life. The Wellness TV section of Embrace Yoga has all the necessary information related to yoga for a healthy lifestyle. Embrace OM also contains topics on Career & Jobs, Family & Relationship, Foods & Diets, Health & Fitness, and Religion & Spirituality that are necessary for leading a happy life.

Our editors

Hi, I am Subhajit Khara, one of the editors of Embraceom.com. After completing my B. Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering, I am working as a content writer for a few platforms. I like to write about my passion & interests. Some of them are fitness, foods, lifestyle & tech solutions for making life easy. You can reach out to me at subhajitkhara007@gmail.com.
My mane is Tridib Mazumdar. I have completed my B-Tech in Electrical Engineering in 2016. My passion for blogging is from a very young age. I needed a platform where I could show my passion for writing blogs. My Expertise areas are health and diets, career, and jobs. I also like to write about yoga and spirituality.