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Do you want to discover fresh strategies for Instagram? Self-expression is wonderful, but only if you are aware of how to utilize the advantages of the platform. Many Instagram users are unaware of some of its distinctive features, but by taking a few risky actions, you may make your material even more interesting and powerful. In this blog article, we’ll go over a variety of unique features that you might not have considered employing but that could help you raise your Instagram game and attract viewers outside of your followers. Read on to find out how these underutilized tools may enhance your posts stylishly, whether you’re an influencer or just getting started!

1. Geotagging

Make sure there is a Geotag in your post if you’re on the road and want to let your followers know where you are. Users are given a window into your life and travels by being able to view the region or location where the photo was shot. It is a fantastic technique to motivate those who live in another city or nation in today’s globe. Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that the majority of posts do not require geotagging. Whether or whether it is appropriate for your audience will depend on the content.

2. Instagram Stories Highlight Covers

With attractive covers for each highlight, you can use this tool to make your tales more engaging. It makes your profile more interesting than before by bringing a touch of professionalism and fun to it. You may create them with Canva or Adobe Illustrator, or you can browse the countless free templates that are offered online. Additionally, your profile will seem more unified if your covers adhere to the same design and topic. Also, the real Instagram likes you get from this will help your profile stand out more.

3. Shoppable Posts

These items are perfect for e-commerce companies and content producers that wish to monetize their accounts since they are tagged with keywords that connect to product pages. They provide a simple method for followers to buy items from an Instagram post, saving them the trouble of having to go through several websites. When they simply need to click a few times, many individuals are persuaded to make a purchase. Additionally, since shoppers can quickly share the postings or tag friends, the additional advertising can attract more potential purchases.

4. Live Streaming

Videos are a fantastic way to communicate with viewers but live streaming on Instagram allows you to do it even more quickly. There are countless possibilities, from consumer Q&A sessions to arranging a virtual launch event. Additionally, you can utilize live streaming to establish a more intimate connection with your audience by giving them a behind-the-scenes glimpse at your company. Additionally, the live function gives viewers the chance to ask questions in real-time, which is quite beneficial when attempting to understand what they need or desire.

5. Stories

Instagram Stories have become a crucial component of the platform and let you share more intimate material with your followers. Stories add a more human element that makes it easier for people to connect with your company, whether it be through product promotions, client testimonials, behind-the-scenes film, etc. Additionally, you may use polls, tests, and other interactive features in stories to communicate with your audience more deeply. Now is the perfect moment to start using tales, if you aren’t already.

6. Analytics

You can learn a lot from Instagram Insights about how well your posts are doing and who is connecting with them the most. You may modify your strategy and produce material that most appeals to your audience with the use of this data. You can monitor the performance of your many Instagram accounts if you manage them using business profiles and Instagram Creator profiles.

7. Scheduling

You may save time and maintain a consistent profile by scheduling your updates if you need to publish frequently or at specified times. There are several well-known scheduling tools out there that let you submit photos and videos in advance and publish them at the precise time and date of your choosing. When it comes to increasing interaction, scheduling provides you an advantage since you can make sure that your posts go live at the times when Instagram users are most active.

8. Questions Sticker

With the aid of the Questions sticker, you can easily build polls and surveys in your stories that you can use for market research or just as a light-hearted way to interact with your followers. Your readers will value the opportunity to express their thoughts and receive comments from others. It’s an interactive method of learning what most appeals to people, which provides companies and content producers with tremendously useful information.

9. IGTV Pre Roll Ads

Pre-roll advertisements are the ideal choice for companies wishing to promote their brand on social media. You have the opportunity to present your goods and services in greater depth than is allowed inside Instagram’s constrained video length because they play before IGTV videos. Pre-roll advertisements can help with both exposure and engagement because viewers can’t skip past them.

10. GIF Stickers & Emoji Slider Polls

These are two elements that are underutilized yet have the capacity to significantly raise interaction on your content. You may add animated photos and films with GIF stickers; consider it a small gift for your fans. Additionally, you can learn more about the preferences of your audience by using the emoji slider polls to ask them about their favorite colors or the kind of items they’d like to see next.

11. Hashtags

One of Instagram’s most well-liked features may be hashtags. They assist in classifying postings, making it simpler for users to locate particular subjects or companies they want their accounts to be associated with. But be careful—using too many hashtags might clog up captions and make them appear spammy. As opposed to stuffing the whole caption area with irrelevant tags, limit the number of relevant tags you use for every post to three or four.


In conclusion, the features listed above are helpful for Instagram users who wish to utilize the app as a fun marketing tool. Use these underutilized tools, whether they are polls, tales, hashtags, or anything else, to improve your content and distinguish yourself from other users. You can increase the effectiveness of your account’s promotion and gain more followers with only a few thoughtful measures!

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