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In today’s corporate landscape, a well-educated workforce is imperative. Employers need workers that possess specialized skills, which can only be obtained through higher education.

Those unemployed with a low education level or who are employed but aspire to advance in their career should make a decisive move. Acquiring a professional or advanced degree increases the likelihood of attaining the desired job. However, a significant issue arises due to the difficulty of juggling classes and full-time employment simultaneously.

The proposed solution lies in online education. Although relatively nascent compared to traditional schooling, online degree programs offer many advantages. These platforms enable individuals to explore new career opportunities without compromising their current lifestyle. In this article, we’ll mention a few online degrees that can help individuals advance professionally.

Public Health

Public health is paramount in fostering well-being, mitigating diseases, and enabling individuals to navigate illnesses and disabilities. Embodying a distinctive amalgamation of research, investigation, and proactive measures, public health is a unifying force that transcends disciplinary boundaries, diverse backgrounds, and varying perspectives. It endeavors to delve into the underlying origins of health challenges and engender enduring, groundbreaking remedies that enhance the quality of life for all.

In light of the growing demand for public health professionals, educational institutions now offer online degree programs that cater to individuals seeking to make a significant impact in this vital field. These online public health degrees encompass various levels of academic achievement, including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

A Doctor of Public Health online program can enable experienced professionals to enhance their research, analytical, and managerial skills while focusing on solving complex public health challenges. It emphasizes interdisciplinary collaboration, advanced research methodologies, policy development, and evidence-based practice. Graduates of an online DrPH program are well-equipped to assume executive positions in public health administration, academia, research, and consulting, making significant contributions to the field through their expertise and innovative approaches.

Business Administration

When considering career fields in business administration, it becomes evident that management positions yield the highest average salaries. According to Salary.com, Chief Executive Officers command an average salary of $816,600, while Compensation and Benefits Managers earn $127,530, Training and Development Managers earn $120,130, and Administrative Services Managers earn $99,290. These figures reflect the financial rewards and growth rates associated with these roles, ranging from 2% to 7%.

Given the promising prospects and lucrative earnings potential, it is no surprise that many students are opting for online Business schools. In fact, business administration ranks as the most popular online degree subject, attributable to its diverse range of specializations and the ability to secure substantial salaries with just a bachelor’s degree.

Both a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) can equip graduates with many career opportunities. These fields continue to experience high growth rates, introducing new career avenues annually.

A bachelor’s degree in Business Administration typically requires 120 credit hours and provides a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of the business realm. Opting for an online BBA can offer a competitive advantage due to its broad business education coverage. Graduates with a BBA can expect potential financial stability and estimated career earnings of $2.6 million. Specializations in online BBA programs include Management, Human Resources, Finance, and Marketing.

An online Master of Business Administration (MBA) is highly sought-after due to its versatility and specialized concentrations. Admission to an MBA program usually requires a bachelor’s degree, and it offers a deeper exploration of business intricacies, allowing students to focus on specific areas aligned with their career goals.

Engineering Management

In engineering management, various career options offer promising average salaries and growth rates. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Architectural and Engineering Managers earn an average salary of $152,350 with a master’s degree, Industrial Production Managers earn $103,150, Industrial Engineers earn $95,300, and Agricultural Engineers earn $82,640. These figures reflect the financial rewards associated with these roles, and the growth rates range from 1% to 10%.

Engineering management is a specialized degree field specifically designed to equip students with the necessary skills to effectively manage engineers and lead teams toward the successful completion of large-scale projects within designated timelines.

Online colleges offer suitable programs for those interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in engineering management. Like other bachelor’s degrees, the initial two years of study encompass foundational courses, while the subsequent two years focus on upper-level major courses in engineering management and elective courses. This curriculum aims to develop students’ understanding of management principles within engineering disciplines.

One notable advantage of pursuing a degree in engineering management is the potential for high compensation. As of 2020, the average annual salary in this field is $149,530, making it one of the most lucrative areas of study. Moreover, the projected growth rate for this field is estimated at 4% until the year 2030, indicating favorable career prospects.

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners, among all online master’s programs, belong to one of the highest-paying career fields. Additionally, this profession boasts one of the highest growth rates among all available career options with an online degree. According to the BLS, the projected growth rate for nurse practitioners is an impressive 45% between 2020 and 2030, adding 121,400 new jobs. The median salary for Nurse Practitioners stands at $120,680.

To embark on a career as a nurse practitioner, a minimum requirement is typically a master’s degree. A significant portion of nurse practitioners work in the field of family practice. As a result, some online master’s degree programs specifically emphasize the specialization of Family Nurse Practitioner.

Certification is mandatory to practice as a nurse practitioner. Consequently, most online master’s degree programs in nurse practitioner studies will require applicants to already hold the status of a registered nurse before applying.

Pursuing an online master’s degree in nurse practitioner can lead to a highly rewarding career path. The field offers substantial median salaries and is characterized by a strong job growth outlook. With the convenience and flexibility of online programs, individuals aspiring to become nurse practitioners can access quality education and gain the necessary qualifications to excel in this in-demand healthcare profession.

Wrapping Up

Today, higher education is crucial for career success. Online education offers a flexible and convenient solution to acquire specialized skills. Online degrees in public health, business administration, engineering management, and nursing provide lucrative career prospects and growth opportunities. Embracing online education enables individuals to balance work and studies while advancing professionally. With advanced degrees, individuals can thrive in competitive job markets and contribute to evolving industries.

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