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Health is vital for a happy and satisfying life. Without optimal health, life can become challenging. Poor health can attract various illnesses, which can severely affect your life. It can deprive you of opportunities and make you pessimistic. Besides that, it can lead to stress, fatigue and anxiety.

One of the most effective ways to find freedom from various health conditions is through surgery. They are an option you should consider if an illness has been prolonged. Surgery can let you live a healthier lifestyle by making you more active and eradicating pain.

Greenville is one of the most affordable places in the USA. Its living cost is 10% lower than the national average. Besides, its health care cost is 5% lower than the rest of the cities in the country, thus making the option of surgery affordable.

Different surgeries for different health conditions can help you enhance your well-being. Hence, the following guide will inform you of surgeries that can make your life healthier.

1)     Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

Oral health issues are highly common in the United States of America. A common issue among the list is the growth of wisdom teeth, which can cause pain and irritation. Hence, wisdom teeth removal surgery is the top solution to this health issue. In Greenville, oral health cost is 5% lower than the national average. Thus, you can easily find the best wisdom teeth removal services in Greenville, SC, that will relieve your pain. Wisdom tooth removal surgery optimizes oral health by avoiding infections and tooth decay. It will also stop the infection from spreading to other teeth and end facial swelling.

The city has competent dental services such as Carolinas Center for Oral and Facial Surgery. Their experienced team of dental professionals are highly trustable and dependable. They offer a variety of services, including the best wisdom teeth removal procedure. The facility aims to provide safe and comfortable surgery for a smooth experience and recovery.

2)     Gastric Bypass Surgery

Obesity is on the rise in the country. Around 42.2% of people in the United States of America are obese. On the other hand, 9.2% are morbidly obese. The health condition severely impacts your life and health. For example, people with obesity struggle with mobility and have sleep apnea. They are also at risk of severe diseases like heart conditions and type 2 diabetes.

To free yourself from obesity, you have to lose weight. However, that is easier said than done. Obese individuals find daily tasks and exercise difficult due to their excessive weight. Besides, weight gain can build leptin resistance, making it challenging to control hunger.

Thus, obese individuals who have tried to lose weight but failed can opt for Gastric bypass surgery. The surgery involves altering your stomach and small intestine, changing how they absorb the food you eat.

As a result, the surgery will make your stomach smaller, allowing you to eat less and feel fuller. Similarly, food will only be stored in a few sections of your stomach and intestines, enabling you to lose weight, and using daily shapewear after gastric bypass can provide added support and confidence during your weight loss journey.

To be eligible for the surgery, you must weigh less than 450 pounds or have a BMI of around 30 to 35. The surgery can help you get back on your feet. It will allow you to experience life as you never have before. With its help, you can practice a healthy lifestyle and be the truest and fittest version of yourself.

3)     Septoplasty

People who have crooked noses can suffer from many health problems. Many different reasons can cause a deviated septum. Those include nose injury, birth defect or severe infection. Many people with the condition suffer from breathing problems and obstructive sleep apnea. If left untreated, it can lead to severe issues like high blood pressure and stroke.

You can free yourself from this condition by considering septoplasty. The surgery consists of straightening the bone and cartilage of your nose by dividing the area between your two nostrils. The surgery allows better airflow and improves breathing. In addition, it also enhances your appearance, which boosts your confidence.

Besides the deviated septum, the surgery can also correct other health problems. It can remove nasal polyps and cure chronic sinus. The surgery is also a solution to recurrent nosebleeds. Lastly, it can also fix nasal blockage caused by other reasons.

Thus, the surgery will help you sleep better and end headaches. Likewise, it will allow you to indulge in physical activity without getting out of breath.

4)     Arthroscopy

Over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic knee pain. It is the second most common type of chronic pain. Knee pain can adversely affect your everyday life. You will struggle with basic movements like walking, taking a flight of stairs, and getting up from a chair.

It can cause excruciating pain, swelling and stiffness. Knee pain also leads to instability and makes it difficult to straighten your leg. In addition, it demands you to alter your life, such as not standing too long, avoiding running and exercising, etc. 

Your knee pain will demand you to rest mostly. Traditional methods like icing, compression bands and elevation can bring you some relief. But if the pain prolongs, it can lead to knee deformity and other health issues. Therefore, the best solution to knee pain is arthroscopy.

In this procedure, the doctors will evaluate your knee with an arthroscope and perform the treatment. The surgeon will cut a small incision and insert a thin tube attached to a video camera. The camera view allows for fixing damaged cartilage and loose bone fragments by making an additional small incision.

Arthroscopy is more beneficial than traditional knee surgery. The procedure has less bleeding due to the small incisions. It also is minimally painful and has a quicker recovery time. The surgery will allow you to live a life pain-free.  


A healthier lifestyle can incredibly elevate your life. It makes you reach your highest potential and allows you to take on more opportunities. However, some health conditions can make it hard for us to practice a healthier life. Hence, the best way to incorporate a fitter life is to get surgery for your health condition.

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