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Are you ready for BBQ season?

Summer is the perfect time to fire up the grill, not to mention you get the bonus of spending time outside with friends and family.

So this season, take your BBQ game to the next level; with creative thinking and prep work, you can throw a BBQ with everyone talking! Here are some of our top BBQ ideas to get you sizzling and your stomach full all summer.

1. La Galbi

La Galbi is a popular Korean barbecue-style dish that is perfect for summertime. It consists of marinated beef ribs cut into thin strips and grilled over hot coals or a propane gas grill.

La Galbi can be served alongside traditional Korean side dishes such as kimchi and danmuji. Other accompaniments to the meal include ssamjang, a spicy dipping sauce, and fresh vegetables such as scallions, onions, mushrooms, and bell peppers. It is a simple and delicious BBQ dinner to celebrate summer and enjoy a fun meal with friends and family.

2. Chicken Burgers

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It can be served with a side of grilled sweet potatoes or grilled asparagus. With these flavors and textures, your backyard BBQ dinner will be the talk of the town. So get ready to enjoy a delicious summer!

3. Grilled Potatoes 

With the summer months approaching, grilling up some delicious BBQ cooking that brings friends and family together is the perfect way to make summer memories. Grilled potatoes are an excellent side to accompany your favorite BBQ recipes.

Start by washing and scrubbing the potatoes. Then, lightly oil them and season them with salt and pepper.

Grill the potatoes over indirect heat for about 20-25 minutes or until they become slightly crisp on the outside. Once finished, slice the potatoes and serve them with a delicious garlic aioli for an extra flavorful kick! 

4. Grilled Pound Cake With Sorbet

Grilled pound cake with sorbet is a creative and tasty dish for any summer gathering. The process is easy: pound cake is sliced, lightly brushed with oil, and grilled for about two minutes on each side. It is then served with sorbet, strawberry, or mango, to create a unique summer masterpiece. 

5. Grilled Corn With Soy Sauce and Mirin

Grilled corn is a universal favorite, yet this recipe takes it to the next level with a zest of flavor. The sweetness of mirin pairs perfectly with the salty soy sauce, while the grill’s smoky flavor gives the corn’s sweet taste. It is best to prepare the grilled corn in advance, marinating it with soy sauce and mirin to get a nice vibrant flavor. 

Try These BBQ Ideas This Summer

A BBQ is a great way to celebrate the summer with friends and family. There are many delicious and straightforward BBQ ideas to choose from, and everyone will love whatever you make.

Try some of these recipes this summer and have the best BBQ ever! Remember to invite everyone over for a good time!

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