5 Beauty Gifts You Can Give to Her This Summer






When you’re looking for a gift for that special someone who means so much to you, nothing says ‘thank you’ or ‘I love you’ like a day at the spa. The Viva Day Spa Round Rock is the ideal place to pamper that special someone when they need it most. There’s no better time to treat your lady to a day at the spa than in the summertime. 

The warm summer weather just sparks something in everyone. Women want to look and feel their best, especially for bathing suit season. There are lots of beautiful gifts you can give her, but none of them can compare to a day at the Viva Day Spa Round Rock. Here are 5 special beauty gifts you can give your lady this summer. 

The Viva Day Spa Package

The Viva Day Spa Package is one of the most popular and luxurious packages offered by the Viva Day Spa Round Rock. Your lady will be pampered for more than 6 continuous hours. She will enjoy a 90-minute Swedish massage, a back and shoulder scrub, full body exfoliation, and a designer facial. The Viva Day Spa Package also includes foot reflexology treatment and a mani-pedi combo, along with several other luxurious treatments, which include lunch, wine, and chocolates. 

Massage Packages

Whether your special girl prefers the firm pressure of a deep tissue massage or the long smooth strokes of a Swedish massage, she can get either at the Viva Day Spa Round Rock. There are multiple spa packages to choose from, including the popular Viva Signature massage, which blends techniques to melt away stress, tension, and anxiety. 

Improve the Experience with Add-Ons

Whether your special lady is enjoying a facial or a full spa package, you can heighten the pleasure with add-ons. Almost any treatment or experience can be enhanced with add-ons like extra services, wine, and chocolates. This will ensure she leaves her day at the spa feeling pampered and rejuvenated. 

Deluxe Viva Manicure and Pedicure

The Viva Day Spa Round Rock offers more than just your standard mani-pedi package. This is pampered love for the hands and feet that will whisk her off to dreamland. We’re talking about a whirlpool foot bath, sugar exfoliation, a warm cream massage, and more. Detailed attention is paid to the fingers and toes, so they look their best by the end. All mani-pedi combos include wine and chocolates served with a warm neck pillow for her pleasure. 

Viva Custom Designer Facial

Treat your girl to an incredible Viva Custom Designer Facial at the Viva Day Spa Round Rock. This is more than some quick facial soak. First, a licensed aesthetician will conduct a thorough skin analysis to determine her specific skin care needs. Then comes the pleasure of the proper cleansers, masks, exfoliation, serums, etc. This is a luxurious pampering of epic proportions which includes an arm, neck, and shoulder massage so she leaves feeling and looking her best. 

Give Her a Gift from the Viva Day Spa Round Rock Today

The Viva Day Spa Round Rock is your premier destination for self-care and pampering. When you want to give your lady a special beauty gift this summer, you can choose the best options from the Viva Day Spa Round Rock. Whether you think your special lady will enjoy a Deluxe Viva Mani-Pedi, a custom designer facial, or you want to give her the full package with a Viva Day Spa Package, she can get the best services from licensed professionals at Viva Day Spa Round Rock. Purchase your gift for her today. 

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