5 Interesting Facts About the Shelf Life Of Boss OG Strain






It is essential to know that marijuana would last forever after being bought. When you buy a considerable amount, store it somewhere safe until it is gone without losing its potency or quality. The basic understanding is that cannabis is a plant, and plants don’t last forever, even if they get stored to keep longer.

If you want to keep cannabis for over a few weeks, you should learn to store it for a long time. Here is a clear guide on how to store boss og strain for a long time, including the best containers to use.

What’s the Boss OG Strain?

Boss OG is a type of Kush cannabis strain that gives users an enjoyable experience. It is a strain that is known for its great taste and high yield, as well as its soothing effects. The initial high from Boss OG may start with strong effects on your body.

Besides, it’s something to think about when you’re feeling down because it can make you feel better and happier. Even though some things about this strain are still unknown, it is an OG Kush phenotype, so its effects are not a mystery.

Getting a head high from Sativa and a body high from Indica is like having the best of both worlds. Boss OG users with a high tolerance for marijuana might be able to get things done while high, but it usually causes couch lock, which makes it hard to stay awake.

5 Interesting Facts About The Shelf Life Of Boss OG Strain

Humidity affects the Boss OG’s Shelf life.

Besides light, humidity can also affect how long Boss OG will last. When there is much moisture in the air, mold can grow on cannabis, which is unsafe to consume. Therefore, keep the Boss OG strain in a place with low humidity, like a dry, cool room, to stop this from happening.

To keep weed fresh longer, it should be kept in a place with controlled humidity, ideally between 59 and 63% relative humidity. Using the proper containers to store things, like airtight containers with humidity control packs, can also help keep humidity levels right.

Check for Boss OG Temperature

Even if you have the perfect airtight, lightproof container for your cannabis, if the temperature is wrong, it can all go up in smoke, and not in a good way. Many people say cannabis should be kept in a cool place, but how cold should it be?

Boss OG should be kept at temperatures below 21°C (70°F). Mold grows best at temperatures between 25 and 30°C (77 and 86°F), so stay away from that range. Cannabinoids and terpenes can dry out and break down with too much heat.

Stays best in a dark place

Cannabis loses its potency when kept in sunlight or heat temperatures, so putting your boss OG out in direct sunlight is a sure way to turn your hard-earned THC into a sleepy, couch-locking CBN. Leaving your Boss OG on a shelf in the shade is probably fine; however, you have to take care that it is always away from direct sun rays.

Ultraviolet radiation from the sun breaks down THC and other essential oils in this weed strain. Every compound that makes Boss OG worth smoking gets destroyed by direct sunlight, so storing it somewhere cool and dark is crucial.

An airtight container protects the strain.

Putting your weed in containers that don’t let air in will help you protect it from outside forces that work against it. In this case, the glass mason jar will be your best friend. Plastic containers can have sweat buds, so using them is not a good idea.

The best glass jar should have a tight seal that keeps the air out and your buds safe. When you put your weed in a mason jar, you only have to keep it out of the light and heat. You can also keep your weed in an airtight, UV-blacked-out glass jar.

With the blacked-out glass, you can put it anywhere without worrying that light will ruin your weed. But you’ll still have to worry about the weather.

Extreme Cold could harm the strain.

Some people don’t like to freeze buds because it’s easy to lose buds when moving them. When handling frozen buds, you do need to be very careful because the trichomes (the glittery bits) become brittle and can easily break off.

Since most of the THC, terpenes, and other cannabinoids in the bud are in the Trichomes, losing them will make your cannabis much less potent. Boss OG that is frozen will keep their potency for years. If you decide to use the freezer, use a glass container.

Moreover, let the buds warm up to room temperature before handling them to keep their buds from falling off.

Why Is There A Need To Store Your Boss OG Strain Correctly?

Many people believe that maintaining the potency of cannabis is only due to its storage, but there is a lot more to it than that. The newly bought Boss OG strain may not have an exact expiration date, but it doesn’t stay fresh forever. As soon as it gets picked, the clock starts ticking on how new the flowers get.

Therefore, the wrong environmental conditions can speed up its degradation. Some things, like the pleasant terpenes and potent cannabinoids, can significantly affect how you feel, taste, and smell.


When you store your Boss OG correctly, you can get more out of it and waste less, saving you money in the long run. With proper storage, you can still enjoy a delicious strain of cannabis from a year ago and most of its flavor and potency.

Many people think that cannabis “peaks” after about three to twelve months of storing and that its potency and quality decrease after 18 months. However, you can get the most out of your cannabis even after 18 months if you store it properly. Thus, it is important to store it properly; don’t put it in places with too high or too low temperatures.

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