5 Things You Should Know Before Signing Up for Breast Implants






Over the decades, breast augmentation has become a popular cosmetic surgery in the US and across the world. Many people have misconceptions regarding breast implant safety, the expected results, and the recovery process. A breast implant is a process in which medical experts use prostheses to change the shape, size, and contour of the person’s breast.

Cost is one of the most important factors when you are looking for breast implants. You need to properly search in your city or state to know the total cost of surgery, so you can make a budget accordingly. For example, if you are searching for breast implants in Los Angeles, then it can cost you between $5,000 to $10,000. However, the total cost of the process also depends on what type of results you want. It is also important to consult a licensed professional to ensure that surgery goes smoothly.

In some cases, patients can also go for breast revision if they are not satisfied with the final result of the surgery. Let’s discover what factors you should consider before signing up for breast implants.

1. Revision Surgery Option

Breast implants have a high patient satisfaction rate. But if you are not satisfied with the way you look or feel after surgery, you can always go for revision surgery.

It is important to look for reliable breast augmentation revision surgery options in your city to attain desired results. For example, if you are based in Los Angeles, then search for medical professionals with relevant expertise.

To find a trustable breast implants revision Los Angeles center with a proven track record, consult their previous patients. By getting their feedback, you will be able to make the right decision. The main purpose of breast implant revision surgeries is to modify the style or size of the implants, reposition implants, remove implants, or improve the symmetry of implants.

It is mandatory to replace breast implants after ten to fifteen years to avoid leaks or ruptures that can occur with time. An experienced surgeon can guide you on how to keep your breast implants safe after revision surgery. It will also help you ensure they stay in the right place over time.

2. Recovery Can be Uncomfortable

Compared to other plastic surgeries, recovery from breast implants can be difficult at times. After surgery, your breasts may feel itchy, swollen, heavy, or painful, which are the common symptoms during recovery.

But after a few days, you will start feeling comfortable. Most breast implant patients return to work within one or two weeks after the process. Different factors can impact your recovery, such as your body’s natural healing ability, the size of the implant, and the position of the implant under or over the pectoral muscle.

You must get detailed guidelines from your surgeon regarding aftercare that will make the recovery process easier for you. This valuable information can help you heal comfortably. Contact your surgeon immediately if you face any complications.

3. Stay Patient

According to a mommy makeover surgeon in Singapore, it can take a few weeks to recover after the surgery especially, but the implants can take six to eight months to settle completely. Patients start getting worried when their implants do not appear to be natural after the first month. They may feel tighter than you thought or sit higher on your chest than you anticipated.

Once your body starts adjusting to the implants, they will drop into the natural place in your breast tissue, giving you a seamless feel and look. It can take around seven to fourteen days to get back to daily life. If you are a fitness enthusiast, then you can resume your activities after six weeks, especially upper body exercises. It can take up to one year or more for breasts to become more comfortable.

With time, you will start feeling your implants as your natural breasts. Surgeons usually monitor the progress of patients to ensure their healing is going in the right direction, but staying patient in the recovery process is crucial. For any concerns, book follow-up appointments to address them as soon as possible.

4. Do Not Be Hesitant to Ask Questions

If you are going for breast implants for the first time, then you must know everything beforehand. It will help you prepare yourself mentally for the surgery. The best way to know about breast augmentation is to ask your surgeon to provide you with a detailed overview of the procedure. The body of every individual is different, so you must know the personalized aspects of your surgery.

Patients are not aware of many things in their first appointment. Therefore, do not be afraid to ask anything, as your surgeon will also be happy to provide you with essential details and make you feel comfortable with the procedure. Ask your surgeon questions like which is the best size and type of implant for you, the cost of surgery, and what to do during recovery.

5. Pick the Right Surgeon

The most important aspect of breast implants is choosing the right surgeon because it will significantly impact the entire process. While looking for a surgeon, consider different factors. You have to ensure that the surgeon is licensed to practice in your city or state and has vast experience in performing breast implants.

Additionally, go through the portfolio of the surgeons to ensure they have performed surgeries at accredited surgical centers. After doing that, shortlist the best surgeon according to your budget and needs.

Apart from the factors mentioned above, choose a surgeon who can make you feel respected and comfortable. It will help you develop a good relationship with the surgeon that will significantly impact your entire treatment. A single meeting with a surgeon can help you make the right decision.


A breast implant is not a straightforward process, so you must know about different aspects to avoid any hassle or discomfort. From knowing about revision surgery to the recovery process, you have to be aware of different things. Additionally, you must choose a seasoned and competent surgeon that can help you achieve desired results and avoid any health complications.

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