A Guide to Smelling Wine: 4 Tips on How to Smell Wine Like a Sommelier






Picture yourself sitting at a fancy restaurant, perusing through the extensive wine menu. As you try to make a selection, you see the sommelier approach your table with a bottle of red in hand.

He expertly swirls the liquid in the glass before taking a deep sniff and confidently declaring its qualities. Have you ever wondered how sommeliers can smell wine accurately?

Look no further because in this blog post, we will share four tips on smelling wine like a sommelier.

1. Using the Right Glassware

Using the proper glassware is essential when it comes to fully experiencing the aromas of wine. The shape of a glass can significantly impact the concentration and intensity of the scents.

When smelling wine like a sommelier, the first tip is to use a tulip-shaped glass, which allows the smell or aroma to be concentrated and captured, enhancing the overall experience.

Another critical factor is the material of the glass, which should be thin and clear to avoid any distractions or interference with the smell. Additionally, choosing the right size glass for the type of wine being tasted will also affect the aromas.

2. Observing the Wine’s Color

One key aspect of smelling wine like a sommelier is observing the wine’s color. This can give important clues about the wine’s age, grape variety, and potential flavor profiles.

To properly observe the color, start by tilting the glass against a white background and noting the hue, intensity, and brightness of the wine. Then, hold the glass at eye level and observe the rim of the wine, as this can reveal its age and condition.

Next, gently swirl the wine in the glass to release its aromas and observe the appearance of “legs” or tears, which can indicate the wine’s alcohol content. By carefully observing the color of the wine, you can gain valuable insights into its characteristics and enhance your overall wine-smelling experience.

3. Mastering the Art of Swirling and Sniffing Wine

Tip number one is to practice the proper technique for swirling, which involves holding the glass by the stem and gently rotating the wine in a circular motion. Secondly, don’t be afraid to fully immerse your nose into the glass while taking short, quick sniffs to capture the aromas fully.

Finally, trust your senses, and don’t be afraid to experiment and explore different scents to appreciate the complexity of wine fully.

4. Identifying Aromas

First, start by holding the glass at the base, swirl it gently to release the aromas, and then bring it to your nose. Take a deep breath in and try to identify the primary aromas, such as fruits, herbs, or spices.

Next, identify secondary aromas like oak, earth, or smoke. Third, focus on the intensity and complexity of the aromas. Lastly, don’t be afraid to use descriptive words to describe what you smell.

With practice, anyone can master the art of smelling wine like a sommelier. What better way to practice than attending a wine tour? If this sounds interesting, you can now schedule your VIP wine tour here

Practice the Art of Smelling Wine Today

In conclusion, by following these four tips on how to smell wine like a sommelier, you can enhance your wine-tasting experience and develop a deeper appreciation for the complexity and nuances of each glass. Remember to use your nose, take your time, and trust your senses.

Cheers to becoming a wine connoisseur! Don’t forget to put these tips on smelling wine into practice. Happy sniffing!

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