Application of Micro Coils and Their Future in the Medical Industry 






The advancement of science and technology has brought a huge revolution in the aspect of medical treatment. It has become possible to give people new hope to live a better life due to the invention of modern medicines and medical service-providing tools. Micro Coils are also such inventions that have shown a new direction to the modern healthcare industry. So, what are these micro coils and how are they shaping the way of advanced medical technology? Let’s find out.

What Are Micro Coils?

Micro coils are mainly small and miniature coils that have wide use in various technological devices. The creators have made these coils by winding an extremely fine wire in a helical or spiral pattern around a core material. The shapes and sizes of micro coils may vary based on the criteria and requirements of the devices. Micro coils are no different from regular coils regarding their function, however, their excessively small sizes have made them unique. As for the materials, the creators also choose them based on the specific criteria of the devices including conductivity and resistance. However, the first choice for miro coil materials is basically conductive wire materials such as silver, copper and gold. The designers often face huge challenges in preparing extremely tiny micro coils as per the requirements of the intended use of the devices. However, modern-day manufacturers have become successful in meeting the demands by creating smaller micro coils than the previous ones. 

Know the Application of Micro Coils

Now that you know what micro coils are, you must be curious about their application. So, here is a list of areas where you can find the use of micro coils. 

  • Micro coils have a wide use in active implantable medical devices including pacemakers, neurostimulators and various cochlear implants. Within these devices, these micro coils assist in communication, power transfer, and data processing between the implantable devices and their external parts. In short, they help in the process of wireless control of the devices.
  • Micro coils are also used in various therapeutic devices including the devices that are essential for electrophysiology treatments. Micro coils are extremely helpful in shaping the control system of these devices. 
  • Another important application of micro coils is within the medical sensors and monitoring devices. They assist in monitoring the various psychological parameters including pressure and temperature. Medical professionals can observe and track the health condition of the patients through these sensors in real-time
  • Micro coils are also important elements in the field of pulsed electromagnetic treatments including orthopaedic and dental. These types of treatment involve the creation of an electromagnetic field to heal the fractures. 

Future of Micro Coils

The application of micro coils is wide and far-reaching. With the advancement of medical technology, the demand for ultra-thin micro coils is also increasing. The need to access high-density body areas has also increased to cure more difficult medical issues. It is possible that with time thinner micro coils will come to the surface and help in improving the procedures of implantable devices. 

Subhajit Khara
Subhajit Khara
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