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Summer has come, and along with it is the hunt for the trendiest hair colour of the season! Planning on putting a bright pink touch on your hair? Or perhaps you’re gunning for that two-tone look? The dark brown and dark brunette would be nice too. Options are many for the colour you want!

You still have an array of choices if you want a lighter or darker shade for your hair. It could also be a shade between the two or something close to your natural hair colour.

Getting the desired shade for your beautiful locks needs a little lighting for better results. You would still need oVertone colour conditioner to skip the bleaching process.

Are you ready to embrace a lighter shade for your hair? Let’s start with oVertone’s Bleach 30 Volume Hair Lightening System! It helps you transform your hair into the colour you’ve been dreaming of.

Watch how @alineh_a uses The Bleach 30 Volume Hair Lightening System to turn her hair from blond to her dream colour!

Transition to New Hair Color Using Bleach

Here’s what you will need:

  • The Bleach 30 Volume Hair Lightening System. It also comes with Bleach Powder, Bleach Developer, and Gloves)
  • oVertone Coloring Conditioner: Pick any variant you wish to use
  • Mixing bowl
  • Mixing brush
  • Alligator clips
  • Old shirt
  • Towel

Now for the Bleaching Part:

1. Put your gloves on! Mix one part of The Bleach Power and two parts of the developer in the mixing bowl. Make sure these two are properly mixed.

2. Divide your hair into two separate regions. @alineh_a sectioned her hair at the crown to focus on overgrown roots.

3. With the mixing brush, apply The Bleach from the top of your hair all the way down. If you have longer hair, your roots should be your last priority.

4. Saturate your hair with the bleaching solution for complete, maximum coverage and even lightening.

5. Let the bleach work in your hair strands for 35 minutes. Make it 40 if you want the colour to stick to your hair. After the time limit, begin washing your hair thoroughly with cool or lukewarm water.

6. Air-dry your hair completely. Pick one colour from oVertone’s 30+ stunning shades of Coloring Conditioners, and begin colouring your hair! You don’t have to wait long. Our colouring conditioners can colour your hair right away with their deposit-only formulation.

7. Enjoy your new hair colour! If the colour in your dyed hair begins to fade, put a light dusting of colour to get back that look. Skip a session with the hair colourist by using our Daily Conditioners.

Before Bleaching

Hair bleaching is a long process. You need to prepare your already dyed hair to take in another colour. Here’s what you need to do before putting bleach on your coloured hair:

1. Do a Patch Test

This test will determine if you’re going to have allergic reactions to the bleach you’re about to use. Clean the area of the skin near the ear. Apply bleach to it and wait for 24 hours. If you feel itching and see redness, consult your doctor.

2. Choose the right kind of Colour for you

This choice boils down to what you really want to achieve with your hair colour. Do you want a natural colour in a natural shade? Or maybe something bright and flashy for a change?

You can choose between permanent hair colour and demi-permanent hair colour. The former stays on your hair for a long time, while the latter lasts up to 30 washes with lukewarm water. Whatever kind of hair colour you choose, make sure it won’t give you an allergic reaction.

3. Consult a Professional Stylist

You can never go back to your natural hair once you decide to dye it. However, you can still seek advice from a professional hair stylist about the style you want. They may recommend conditioners to keep your hair hydrated before the bleaching drama.

The After Care

Even if you colour your hair many times, the natural roots stay the same. But let’s leave them behind. Care for your hair after another colouring session by:

  • Use an organic and gentle shampoo to maintain the quality of your bleached hair. Make sure the shampoo is free of sulfates and parabens—chemicals that cause hair damage.
  • Apply oil to your hair to maintain its moisture. Coconut oil and argan oil strengthen and nourish the hair fibres.
  • Avoiding heat to keep your hair from getting damaged. Heat makes the hair brittle and dry. Always air-dry your hair every after-bath.

Final Thoughts

Jumping from one hair dye to colour your hair is an exciting thought. But first, you need to undergo bleaching and colouring to make it happen. Most of the time, you must know how to do the bleaching yourself. Always remember to take care of your hair, especially after the colouring process.

Subhajit Khara
Subhajit Khara
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