Can You Guess Who Was the Teacher of Lord Krishna?

Are you a mythology geek and have been wondering who is the teacher of Lord Krishna? Well, before finding out who’s he—are you able to guess who was the teacher of lord Krishna? 

If not, and still interested!

Who was the teacher of Lord Krishna?

Sage Sandipani Muni was Lord Krishna and Lord Balarama’s Guru—His ashrama was near modern-day Ujjain and he imparted to them the 64 abilities over the course of 64 days and nights.

He taught Krishna and Balarama once daily, yet they were flawless in their delivery. 

As an offering to the teacher, he then requested that Krishna and Balarama resurrect his son, who had been murdered by a conch demon some years before.

Significance of Lord Krishna in Hindu mythology 

Lord Krishna’s mother, Devaki, defines the physical body—while Lord Krishna’s father, Vasudeva, is an embodiment of Prana which means ‘the vital life-force’.

Once prana flows through the body—-happiness is born which is Krishna. That is why Krishna is known as Nandala, the epitome of happiness.

The ego is represented by Kamsa——he is Devaki’s sibling, implying that the ego is born together with the body. Joy is the ego’s most formidable foe. And ego cannot live and must submit wherever there is joy and love.

A man might be powerful in society but nevertheless dissolves in front of his own small child. When a child becomes unwell, no matter how strong the man is—he feels powerless.

When individuals face love, simplicity, and joy, the ego just crumbles. This explains why ego (Kamsa) and love are at odds.

Krishna is the embodiment of happiness—the essence of simplicity and the wellspring of all love.

What does the flute & feather symbolize for Lord Krishna?

They show Krishna in Hindu iconography wearing a peacock feather crown and playing the flute — Krishna is the God of love, the ideal of heavenly love.

And heavenly love manifests itself by entering man and filling his entire existence. As a result, the flute has been the human heart, and an empty heart will become a flute for the God of love to play on.

The crown of peacock feathers reveals the song of the heart that may be articulated via the mind—that is the knowledge of the brain and the passion of the heart that properly communicate the divine message together. 

The peacock’s feather has been regarded as a symbol of beauty and wisdom throughout history—beauty because it is exquisite and wisdom because it is in the shape of such an eye.

What is the significance of Janmashtami in the Hindu religion?

According to the passages of the Bhagavad-Gita, a sacred text told by Lord Visnu—whenever evil prevails and religion diminishes, I shall reincarnate to slay the bad and preserve the good.

The fundamental purpose of Janmashtami is to promote kindness and discourage bad will. Krishna Jayanti is also a time to get together—Because the sacred occasion draws people together which represents togetherness and faith.

How to connect with Lord Krishna? 

Lord Krishna is everywhere! According to Lord Krishna, “one who sees me everywhere, in everyone, and sees everyone in me is genuinely clever.”

This is the distinctive message of Janmashtami: “everything has emerged from one divine”.

Only through profound slumber may you connect with Lord Krishna—they cannot internalize Lord Krishna via struggle and effort. When your mind is not unsettled and caught in frantic desires—then profound rest will follow. When it is not consumed by desires and negative disconfirmation. It is at these instances of deep repose that one sees Lord Krishna’s birth, which means the feeling of epitome happiness.

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