Celebrating the End of a Life: How to Plan a Funeral Through Grief






What if the only way through the grief of losing a loved one is to celebrate their life? Sounds impossible, doesn’t it?

Whereas death is inevitable, it’s impossible to get through the grieving process and celebrate a death until you find a way of accepting it.

When someone passes on, no one can avoid the consequences of grief. However, always remember that death is part of life. Celebrating life through grief can help you and everyone in the community find some solace.

Here’s how you can plan a funeral and provide some cheer, even in times of mourning:

Gather Necessary Data

Before planning a funeral, you should gather the necessary details and information for every arrangement. You can look into life policies or funeral insurance if the deceased has a plan. This way, it can lighten the total funeral expenses.

It’s also good to check if the deceased has other benefits. For example, if they’re a veteran, they will likely have compensation that goes to their family.

Collect documents for personal information and photos of the deceased to bring to the funeral service. You can also check with the service in case they need additional data.

Set a Budget

Pre-planning a funeral isn’t always enough to prepare you for it since it comes at the most unexpected times. Many suggest setting aside a budget for possible funeral costs.

One way around this is by getting a lifetime policy to be sure your family won’t have to spend lots of money for the funeral. Moreover, they can get a cash benefit, depending on the plan.

Most funeral homes have options allowing people to pay their funeral costs in advance. This can be done in installments or through insurance. This way, families who handle the funeral later don’t have to worry about money during their grief process.

Pick a Funeral Service

Several types of funeral services are available and can vary based on what the family decides or what the funeral home suggests. Some of the common choices include the following:

Traditional Funeral Service

The most common types of funeral services are traditional ones where the deceased stay in a casket or urn. Usually, family and friends play or sing songs in memory of the deceased. They also deliver eulogies dedicated to them.

When the ceremony is over, a hearse transports them for burial at a graveside, where they bury the casket or urn. It often ends with a reception where guests process their grief over lunch or a light meal.

Cremation Service

A cremation service typically doesn’t involve visitation or formal funerals. In most cases, the cremated deceased is placed in a container and brought back to the family. Only then will they decide whether they want a memorial service after or not or if they want to transfer the remains to a better urn.

Direct cremation services are usually the cheapest option since it doesn’t require you to hold a formal service. At the same time, it allows you to keep your loved ones nearby, even if only in the form of remains.

You can check the cremation services found here for a transparent, simple, and affordable arrangement. 

Celebration of Life Event

A unique type of funeral ceremony is a celebration of life event. Unlike traditional service, it can last for days, weeks, or even years after a funeral. Note, though, that this doesn’t mean the remains have to be present each time.

The goal of a celebration of life event is to highlight positive emotions rather than focus on grief. Since it’s considered an end-of-life ceremony, most personalize the event according to the preferences of the deceased to keep their memory alive.

A celebration of life event usually involves friends and family who gather to share food, engage in activities, and talk about memories of the deceased.

Planning a funeral amidst grief requires a delicate balance of honoring the departed while navigating emotional turmoil. Begin by reaching out to Portland funeral homes, seeking their guidance and expertise in organizing the service. Consider the wishes of the deceased, if known, and involve close family members and friends in decision-making. Choose a suitable venue, whether it’s a church, a funeral home, or a meaningful outdoor location. Select floral arrangements, music, and readings that reflect the individual’s life and personality.

Consider Logistics and Other Services

After picking a funeral plan, you should consider the rest of the arrangements that follow. It could include the following:

  • Scheduling the date and time of each service
  • Deciding where to hold them
  • Choosing a time and date for viewing
  • Planning details of the viewing service
  • Selecting clothing for the deceased
  • Picking an urn for crematory remains

It also includes payment plans and finalizations regarding funeral plans before the day of the service. Some funeral homes offer packages that include all the resources you need. So if you lack time, you can consider those instead.

Complete the Documents

The documents are one of the last things you need to complete before wrapping up your plans for a funeral service. It means collecting all the information and papers needed about the deceased for specific services.

It may include personal documents and others related to the death. The following are some of the papers you want to be sure you have:

Living Will

A living will state the procedures the individual would want the medical team to perform on them. Some examples of this include CPR or life support.

Last Will and Testament

As opposed to the living will, an individual’s last will and testament indicate how to distribute possessions and assets after passing away. It can be written by the deceased beforehand or by a lawyer based on the results of a previous consultation.

HIPAA Release

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act keeps the deceased’s health information private. It means the only people who can access those details are people directly involved with the individual’s health.

The HIPAA release also mentions specific people who can discuss their diagnosis and treatment.

Disposition of Body

Individuals can decide how to handle their remains after passing away. The options usually include cremation, burial, or medical donation.

Durable Power of Attorney

The durable power of attorney usually comes in two forms: healthcare and finances. It designates a specific person to act as the individual’s representative in making health or financial decisions until they can handle it again.

Plan a Funeral to Honor Your Loved One Today

Grieving the end of a life is a difficult process. Through a funeral, we find closure and honor someone’s life. When you plan a funeral, consider the factors mentioned in this article. 

Utilize the resources available to you to make this process as seamless as possible. Plan a meaningful service as an opportunity to memorialize an extraordinary life. So don’t delay; reach out to local funeral services today to honor your loved ones and commemorate their life.

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