Christmas: How to Find the Best Turkey in Bangkok?






Shopping for the best turkey at a perfect price might sound like an easy job at first. However, if you have been to the market during Christmas time before, I’m sure you disagree with that.

So, that’s why, I have compiled a set of tips to help you find the Best turkey in Bangkok. Also, there might be some additional information available in the latter section of the article.

So, don’t shy away from reading till the end.

Tips to Finding the Best Turkey in Bangkok

If you want to get the best, there’s no other option but to put in some legwork for you. So, be sure to wake up at the earliest, go to the market, and start your adventure right away.

Here are some tips that can help you out in this regard.

1. Explore the Markets

Bangkok’s markets are treasure troves of culinary wonders. Head to Chatuchak Weekend Market or Tor Kor Market to discover vendors offering fresh poultry.

Engage with the local vendors, ask about their sourcing, and opt for organic or free-range turkeys for superior quality and flavour.

2. Specialty Grocers

Several speciality grocers in Bangkok cater to discerning tastes. Places like Villa Market, Gourmet Market, and Lemon Farm provide a selection of imported and local meats. Check their offerings for high-quality turkey cuts or pre-marinated options for a convenient meal.

3. Butcher Shops

Don’t hesitate to visit butcher shops known for their expertise in poultry. Local butcher shops often provide personalised service and can offer advice on selecting the best turkey cuts for your culinary needs.

4. Fine Dining Restaurants

Explore upscale restaurants specialising in Western cuisine.

Establishments like Organic Village offer meticulously prepared turkey dishes, particularly during festive seasons. Treat yourself to a gourmet experience and savour their expertly crafted turkey recipes.

5. Online Platforms

Embrace the convenience of online platforms. Websites like The Meat Guy or Passion Delivery provide a range of turkey options for home delivery. Peruse their selections, read customer reviews, and have your preferred turkey delivered straight to your doorstep.

6. Food Festivals and Events

Keep an eye out for food festivals or events celebrating international cuisines. Events like the Bangkok Food Expo or Thanksgiving celebrations at hotels often showcase delectable turkey dishes. Attend these events to sample various preparations and discover new flavours.

7. Ask Locals for Recommendations

Engage with locals or food enthusiasts through social media groups, forums, or apps like Wongnai or TripAdvisor. Request recommendations for hidden gems or lesser-known eateries renowned for their succulent turkey dishes.

8. DIY Cooking Classes

For an immersive experience, consider joining a cooking class specialising in turkey preparations. Several cooking schools in Bangkok offer classes where you can learn to cook a perfect turkey yourself, mastering techniques and seasoning to suit your taste.

9. Check Reviews and Ratings

Use review platforms such as Google Reviews or Yelp to read about others’ experiences with turkey dishes across various restaurants and markets. Pay attention to consistently positive reviews to pinpoint the best places.

10. Cultural Events and Celebrations

During festive seasons like Christmas or Thanksgiving, hotels and restaurants often curate special menus featuring turkey-centric dishes. Explore these seasonal offerings to relish traditional and innovative turkey recipes.

5 Things to Consider While Buying a Turkey

So, as of now, you have a vague idea about how to find the best turkey in Bangkok. Now, let me share some things that you need to keep an eye on while purchasing your dinner.

For instance —

  • Purchase a Frozen Product: Most people you’ll find in the market will say that fresh turkey is the best. However, I’ve never found any difference between a frozen one and the fresher option. Instead, the frozen ones are usually preserved in a way so that the product can stay good and healthy for a long time. However, the same can’t be said for a “fresh” turkey. Yes, you might not find it in a freezer, but there’s a huge chance of it being a week old. So, in a way, it’s better to buy frozen.
  • Consider the Shape of the Bird: Before adding the turkey to your shopping cart, pay attention to its shape. Aim for a turkey with a plump breast as it tends to be more flavorful and juicy. Also, be cautious of any flattened areas on the bird, as they might suggest it has been thawed and refrozen. This could lead to freezer-burned meat and a higher risk of food-borne illnesses. Also, ensure to check if the bird will go well with the salads you’re trying to put. After all, Thanksgiving dinner is all about making the most out of the food you have. So, it’s important to keep everything in line.
  • Look for the Right Size: Understanding the necessary amount of turkey per individual when organising your shopping is crucial. Remember, there are distinctions to consider when choosing between a sizable turkey or a smaller one. Smaller turkeys require less cooking time (and thawing time if purchased frozen) and generally result in more tender meat. If you’re serving a large group, contemplate preparing two smaller turkeys instead of opting for a bigger one. Just ensure that your roasting pan can accommodate them adequately.
  • Remember the Preferences of Your Guest: If your guests have specific preferences for white or dark meat in their turkey, customise your dinner to accommodate them. You could purchase an additional bone-in turkey breast for those who prefer white meat, skip the whole turkey if no one enjoys dark meat, or opt for a smaller turkey and supplement with extra drumsticks or thighs for dark meat enthusiasts. If there are leftovers, explore tasty recipes to make the most of them.
  • Understand the Difference between “Natural” and “Organic: Organic turkeys, often the priciest choice for Thanksgiving, fulfil the “free-range” standards, offering outdoor access and a USDA-certified organic diet without pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, additives, or animal by-products. To cut costs, consider opting for a smaller bird. Having an understanding of poultry labels can go a long way as well.

The Bottom Line

Finding the best turkey in Bangkok involves a nice mix of exploration, local insight, and a willingness to try diverse culinary experiences.

Embrace the metropolis’s vibrant food scene, engage with locals, and be open to new flavours to discover the perfect turkey that satisfies your palate.

Whether you’re seeking a succulent roasted turkey or a flavorful grilled cut, Bangkok offers a plethora of options waiting to be explored. So, be sure to make the most out of it.

Subhajit Khara
Subhajit Khara
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