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Reiki came into force in the year 1922 when a Japanese Buddhist by the name of Mikao Usui introduced it to the world. It is a process of healing that revolves around reducing stress through our Chakras and promoting relaxation in our lives. A registered therapist can only administer the process with relevant information about channeling your energy for healing. 

Now, dreams are the door to our unconscious mind, endowed with essential messages for us. Thus, experts, time and again, have emphasized interpreting human dreams to unlock hidden messages.

So, what happens when these two different aspects of life and healing get together? What does dreaming about Reiki mean? What is the interpretation of dreams about either giving Reiki to others or receiving Reiki? 

You can find detailed interpretations of dreams about Reiki in books, forums, and even websites such as DreamsAndMythology.com  

Meaning and Interpretations of Dreams about Reiki

Let us walk through different interpretations and meanings of dreams about Reiki as offered by experts. But before that, let us understand in detail what Reiki is.

What is Reiki?

As already mentioned above, Reiki is a process of healing that promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety and tension. Reiki therapists use their hands to deliver energy to the human body. This process improves the energy flow and balance for supporting healing. 

Reiki has been derived from the Japanese words ‘Rei,’ implying ‘universal,’ and ‘ki,’ meaning life force that flows through all the present living beings on earth. Reiki has gained much popularity in the recent past, due to which it is used worldwide along with other treatments to promote healing and good health. 

Reiki assists in healing people by maintaining a balance between different aspects of life, such as emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental.

Dreams About Giving Reiki

It has positive and negative meanings and interpretations if you see yourself giving Reiki to someone in your dreams.

You are a proud personality.

If you feel positive in dreams about offering Reiki to someone close, you are a serious and excellent human by nature. Experts reveal that you feel good about being appreciated and have high energy levels.

You want to become the best in everything you do and even be the first one to help anyone in your circle. 

You will soon receive your desirable thing.

Experts reveal that your efforts and dedication to achieve something good will manifest in your life soon. Dreaming about giving Reiki to someone implies that whatever you have desired for a long will quickly reach you in one way or the other.

These dreams imply that your inherent strong and authoritative personality will help you achieve your goals sooner.

You Feel Frustrated

Dreaming about Reiki also signifies dissatisfaction and frustration in essential aspects of your life. If you have been in a relationship, these dreams convey sexual discontent in your life. If you are single, these dreams mean you have an unsatisfied libido and desire a partner soon.

These dreams also imply that you will soon find your lover who will meet all your romantic requirements and needs. This person can be the ultimate soul partner you have been seeking for a long time. 

You Will Meet Exceptional Changes in Life

Dreams of offering healing Reiki to some other person also reveal that you will soon meet essential changes in your life. These changes will be magnificent and throw you out of your comfort circle. 

Also, these changes can be both positive and negative. However, the chances of positive things starting in your life are more prominent. The need remains to maintain your physical and mental integrity to accept these changes in your life. 

You are a Self-Centered Person.

If you feel embarrassed about giving Reiki to someone close in the dream, it portrays your self-centered and somewhat dominating personality. You want to be the center of attraction wherever you go and want people to get your work done even if you do not deserve them.

You cannot accept other person’s opinions about things as you feel that your self-approach should be the most acceptable. You also hate failures and would go to any length to get victorious in life, whether the ways may be positive or not. 

Dreams About Receiving Reiki

Another aspect of dreams is seeing yourself receiving Reiki from others. Now, these dreams are interpreted as a positive sign of healing entering your life. These dreams where you receive Reiki imply that your areas of trouble will soon get relief, and good health will flow into your life. 

Dreams After Reiki Sessions

This has been mentioned by many healers and persons receiving Reiki that they have started getting many meaningful and true-to-life dreams. Here are some common types of dreams people see after Reiki sessions.

You Connect Well With Spirits

People get awakened to their spiritual world and get messages from their guarding spirits in their dreams. You may see yourself in your old school days, which implies that you are being encouraged to explore the spiritual side of knowledge.

If you see yourself walking through a dense forest or enjoying the banks of a river, you are encouraged to spend time with nature. Also, after Reiki sessions, if you get to dream about exploring art museums, you need to focus on your creative abilities. 

Deceased Close Ones Appear Quite Often

Many people, after Reiki sessions, often dream of meeting their deceased loved ones. These spirits visit to communicate with you. You feel happy meeting these spirits and even feel the experiences to be real. 

These communications make you feel elated as you are able to talk again to the person or give signals of your love. 

Final Words

Reiki is a robust healing process recommended by many therapists and heals worldwide. This is why a rapid increase in the number of followers of Reiki has been seen in different corners of the world. This increased popularity has also inspired experts to study the meanings and interpretations of dreams about Reiki. The need remains to visit an expert and reveal the real meanings of your dreams related to different aspects of Reiki, such as giving or receiving Reiki or dreams following a Reiki session. Happy dreaming and healing!

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