Embrace Autism: 7 Practical Ways to Follow

Autism is known as an autism spectrum disorder (ASD)—a complex health disorder that affects human interaction, behavior, communication, and learning. ASD can be diagnosed at an early age. It’s classified as a developmental disorder, as the symptoms appear at a young age—mostly at first to two years old.

Having autism is a different level of complexity, and handling people who are suffering from this disorder is very challenging. It is difficult for autistic people to express themself, though, somehow they flourish and carry out exceptional talent specifically, in contrast to uneven skills development.

So, it is time for us to embrace autism and support the ones fighting against it every day. As they are also human beings, that need to be loved and cherish.

Embracing Autism in Our Daily Life

Embracing autism is a part of advocacy. It is a well-rounded acknowledgment of the condition of your peers, pals, children, and relatives suffering from autism – and giving them the courage to express, believe, and embrace themselves.  

Let us find out 7 ways to embrace autism in our daily lives & support the ones with us.

1. Taking a stand for movements for autism.

Have you ever heard about ‘Light it up Red & Light it up Gold’? If not, then they are the two examples of autistic movement support. It is said that autistics are sensory sensitive. Based on research, these two colors were raised in contrast to blue for breaking the stereotypes that blues were focused on males who suffered from autism and women are disregarded. To show support to them, we must make a donation or participation in an autism organization’s support.

 2. Give a pat on the back of autistic advocates.

Being bashed as advocates give so many frustrations oneself. A way to show support to them is by expressing openly to them. The innumerable platforms were used as a means for autism advocacies. Simply sharing, giving positive comments, reaching out to them, and reacting in a good way is already a big aid for them.

3. A Supportive Workplace Hiring Norm.

Hiring an autistic person is inspiring, the workplace should not only limit their job requirements. Autistic must be treated fairly, just like normal employees. They must not restrain themselves from working, and instead, look into their capabilities. ASDs are also capable of doing certain job functions. As long as they meet the skills needed, then it doesn’t exempt them from working. Avoid discrimination, their disabilities don’t define who they are as a person, towards the morality of humans.

4. Tweak with the job roles & set practical expectations.

One thing to keep in mind is having an open mindset. It is important to hire a person with autism—there should be a clear and specific job description and function. It is important to keep in mind that your judgment as an employer is not dependent on the person’s disability or whether he/she can do a specific function. Be considerate!

5. Generosity is always appreciated.

Promoting kindness leads to a peaceful environment and respected companionship. People who suffer from autism are mostly degraded in every way, so it is essential to maintain a friendly workplace every time and the avoidance of exclusion.

6. Shift your mindset.

Taking care of autistic people is tough. Often, some said they’re giving grueling time for one’s life. However, do not forget that having ASD is never their choice. And like how you suffered handling them, they also suffered more than it. We may be out of patience, but let’s not forget what they’ve been through as well. Keeping a positive mindset is very essential in this matter.

 7. Appreciate the positives it brings to your life as a parent.

Embracing autism is a struggle, but regardless of their disorders, we must see the beauty of it. As the saying goes, ‘along with the negativity, there is a positivity’, it will not harm you to take some steps toward embracing autism in life. It may be a burdensome and arduous journey at the start. But in the latter, every simple effort we exert will soon take its rightful place. Just trust the process of every micro effort that will soon turn into a macro.

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