Everything About Difficult Person Test

The difficult Person test is a test that is conducted by the IDRlabs (Individual Differences Research Labs). This test is very useful in finding how difficult a person you are to get along with others. The personality judgment of a difficult person test is based on 7 pillars. They are Callousness, Grandiosity, Aggressiveness, Suspicion, Maunupulativeness, Dominance, and Risk-Taking.

History Behind Development of Difficult Person Test

The evolution of difficult person tests is a result of inspiration from Dr. Chelsea Sleep (Clinical Psychology Ph.D. from the University of Georgia) and her colleagues’ research works. Her expertise areas include Psychopathy, Narcissism, Personality Assessment, and Forensic and Clinical Psychology. In other words, Dr. Chelsea Sleep’s research is based on various aspects of Antagonism.

Dr. Chelsea Sleep and her Colleague’s research works are based on the behavior of any person and how difficult a person is to deal with. Though IDRlab claims that Dr. Sleep or any other researchers or any research institutions were not involved in the development of the Difficult Person Test, it is just an inspiration from their research works.

The Three Dark Personality Traits or Dark Triad

The Three Dark Personality Traits or Dark Triad consists of three components. The three ingredients are Narcissism, Machiavellianism, and Psychopathy. Dr. Joshua D. Miller, a psychology professor and a supervisor of Dr. Chelsea Sleep at Georgia University says that Dark Triad namely Narcissism, Machiavellianism, and Psychopathy are the core of callousness, ruthlessness, and selfishness nature.

Another health counselor GinaMarie Guarino tells that Narcissism and Machiavellianism are characteristics of a difficult person. They are a form of suspicion, aggression, and manipulation which are Three out of seven characteristics of a difficult person. Another characteristic of a difficult person according to Guarino is Psychopathy or a tendency not to show empathy towards others. Other characteristics of a difficult person include insensitivity and a careless attitude towards the other person with whom the difficult person is dealing.

Steps to Take Difficult Person Test

Taking the Difficult Person Test is an easy process. Follow the steps below to take the test.

Step 1: Type or Insert https://www.idrlabs.com/difficult-person/test.php in the address bar of any web browser.

Step 2: You will find One Question appearing on the screen like the screenshot below.

Difficult Person Test Sample Question

Step 3: You will find a set of 35 questions. You can give the answer to a question in four parts. Agree, Partially Agree, Disagree, Partially Disagree.

Steps to Answer Questions

Final Step: Click on Next and Answer the Rest 34 Questions

Screenshot of some Questions of Difficult Person Test

Have a look at some of the sample questions

7 Basic Ingredients of Personality in a Difficult Person

Below are the 7 basic ingredients of personality that help in the Judgement of how difficult a person is.


The more the characteristics of callousness present in a person, the more difficult the person is to deal with. Callousness refers to the disrespectful and disregarding nature of a person towards another person. It also refers to the cruelty and insensitiveness of a person.


Grandiosity is considering oneself superior to others. It is a quality to pretend that you are more stylish, and impressive, or in other words trying to impose your false image on others. It is a mental state in which you found yourself more powerful and knowledgeable than others. In reality, the case is just the opposite. This type of character is found in a difficult person.


Showing aggressiveness is the tendency to achieve things forcefully. Sometimes aggressive nature of a person hurts others’ sentiments when combined with callousness and grandiosity. Excessive aggressiveness is something that is found in a Difficult Person.


Suspicious feelings are also present in Difficult Person. A feeling of suspicion is the characteristic that brings a thought in person about something to happen or something likely to be true. A Difficult Person always doubts others and is always suspicious about others’ activities. This type of person who always doubts others is very difficult to deal with.


Manipulation is imposing or influencing others to follow one’s ideas and rules. A person with manipulative nature is considered a difficult person. Manipulation is often done to fulfill an individual purpose no matter the sentiments of the other person being hurt.


A dominant personality is also one of the characteristics of a difficult person. A dominant person always has the tendency to rule others. A person with a nature of dominance tries to show how much power he has or in other words misuses his position. A person with dominant nature is not at all easy to tolerate.


Sometimes taking unnecessary risks leads to hurting others’ emotions. A person with a tendency of taking unnecessary risks often finds himself in danger. Not only does a person creates a danger for himself but also brings trouble to others’ life.

My Test Result for Difficult Person Test

Have a look at my Difficult Person Test Result

Test Result

My Difficult Person Test Result is 25.71% which means I am an easy person to deal with. I have referred the Difficult Person Test to my friends and colleagues and the results are amazing.

Note: Don’t judge any person solely with this test. This Difficult Person Quiz is just for educational purposes.

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