Herbicide 101: A Shopper’s Guide To Weed Killers






You may already know the importance of purchasing the right products for your lawn’s needs. Not every product has the capability to care for your grass while also eliminating weeds and insects. Finding the right products will make a world of difference in the health of your lawn. 

Your lawn is unique and requires specific circumstances in order to thrive. In addition to factoring in these specifications, you also want to know the general, broad information that can help you maintain a healthier lawn overall. The ability to manage both the specifics of your lawn and those guidelines that pertain to season weeds and the type of grass you have will ultimately yield your lawn care results. 

Assuming you intend to preserve the health of your lawn and eliminate unwanted weeds and pests, we’ve compiled a selection of products you’ll want to purchase to improve and, ultimately, maintain the good health of your lawn. For more information, continue reading and consider the products at your Go Course Lawn Store that may be right for your lawn care needs.

Purchase efficient herbicides from your golf course lawn store.

When you choose between weed controls, always opt for granular products at your golf course lawn store. Liquid weed control products are more likely to harm grass, as they are more abrasive and can kill weeds for removal in just a few days. 

Use non-selective herbicides in certain conditions only.

Using fast-acting agents can potentially destroy your lawn, so avoid these at all costs. If you see a product that contains glyphosate, put it aside. Glyphosate is an active chemical in liquid herbicides such as Roundup- which will damage the grass; however, if you need to kill weeds and there is no grass below it or nearby, using non-selective herbicides is okay. For example, if you have weeds near sidewalks, patios, ornamental beds, etc., using selective herbicides from your golf course lawn store for weed treatments is acceptable. 

Use granular herbicides as safe options. 

Using granular herbicides like Spectracide (found at your golf course lawn store) is safer for controlling weeds and avoiding damaging other plants. Consider using Dithiopyr, a granular variant of Spectracide, to keep weeds from returning. 

Get herbicides that reflect the seasonal weeds you have. 

The weedkillers you purchase should reflect the seasonal weeds you have. For warm-season weeds, such as broadleaf weeds, choose herbicides that attack seasonal weeds that prefer warm weather. 

Other warm seasonal products include:

  • Celsius WG Herbicide (for post-emergent usage)
  • Certainty Turf Herbicide 

For cool season weeds, such as Clover, consider:

  • Tenacity Herbicide is used for pre and post-emergent control. 
  • SedgeHammer will eradicate cool-season weeds (read the directions and mix with enough water first).

Get your lawn back. 

If you have persistent weeds, the first step to a better lawn is targeting the weeds directly. Purchase herbicides at your golf course lawn store to kill the weeds without hurting your lawn and get your lawn back.  

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