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Making big decisions for a wedding can be overwhelming especially if you don’t have anyone to make big decisions for you. When it comes to preparing for a wedding the couple has to look into everything. Every detail matters. Wedding preparations usually start from the day the wedding is announced. People start running here and there to book appointments with the makeup artist and designer for the wedding dress. Everything can be overwhelming including choosing the color palette for the wedding invitation cards.

While you may feel like the world is crashing down on you, make sure to remind yourself that this process is supposed to be fun. Your family and friends are going to support you through everything. With a little guidance, you can set your foot in the world of colors and start taking things one step at a time. Many people have wedding journals that they use to sort things out for their wedding. To create wedding invitations you need to start from the color palette.

The color palette for wedding invitations:

Choosing the color palette for the wedding invitation cards depends upon the type of function you are going to have. If it is a small affair then you can go for lighter colors but if you are having a big wedding you can opt for traditional colors that will elevate your wedding card. Here are some tips that you can follow and choose the perfect color palette for your wedding invitations.

  • Consider your wedding theme: Before designing your wedding invitation cards keep in mind the theme that you have decided for your wedding. It can be a great inspiration for your wedding invitations. If you are having a beach wedding your cards can be beach themed with light hues depicting the ocean and serenity.
  • Look at the venue: The colors and decor on your wedding venue can be taken as an inspiration to create your wedding cards. Most venues are simple and have light colors which is why it is best to always go with light colors for wedding invitation cards.
  • Season:  The season in which your wedding is going to take place has to be kept in mind. Most people have their wedding ceremonies in the winter season or the spring season. The spring season has beautiful colors you can use bright colors on your wedding invite. The fall season has warm neutral colors that can be incorporated into the card.
  • Personal style: Most people get carried away while preparing for their wedding invitations. They forget that they have to keep their sense of style in their minds while designing their cards. If you stay close to who you are it will be easier for you to find your direction. You might like muted and pastel tones which are the best for wedding invitations if you are having a minimalistic wedding.
  • Mix and match: Don’t be afraid of mixing and matching colors. When it comes to weddings it is always best to let your spirit run free and test the waters. You can create a beautiful color palette for your wedding invitation cards by mixing and matching. Create a color palette that will match the wedding or save-the-date design.

Ultimately, the perfect color palette for your wedding is the one that matches your sense of style. Stick to who you are and choose what will make you happy. These are memories that you are going to hold onto forever. Experiment a little and try different combinations.

Subhajit Khara
Subhajit Khara
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