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In the United States, half of the deaths result from preventable behaviors such as cigarette smoking, poor diet, and physical inactivity. Meanwhile, 18.43 of every 100,000 people lose their lives because of emotional distress.

While people often pay attention to their physical well-being, many neglects their mental health. Your overall well-being requires both physical and mental health so you can lead a longer, healthier, and happy life. As you age, you can improve your health by breaking bad habits and replacing them with positive ones. 

Quit these bad habits for your physical wellbeing

Physical well-being refers to maintaining a healthy lifestyle without causing undue fatigue or physical stress during daily activities. Here are some things you should avoid to stay fit.

1. Smoking and drinking

Regardless of age, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can negatively affect a person’s health, but those who smoke and drink frequently are more likely to suffer from advanced health problems. 

Alcohol can also alter the effects of many medications, especially for seniors who rely on several medications for daily functioning, which can pose serious health risks. While smoking can limit your sexual life in the long run.

If not monitored, substance use can quickly become substance abuse and hang over your life like a dark cloud. Leaving substance abuse is not always easy. Fortunately, many rehab facilities, such as Delphi Health Group, are available to assist those suffering from addiction. 

2. Physical inactivity

Being physically active is crucial for maintaining a healthy heart and stronger bones. 

Exercise may be problematic for some people due to illness, limiting their physical activity. However, they can still find means to stay active in their daily lives by adopting certain practices, such as parking farther from the store and walking to the store. 

Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi are a few practices that strengthen the body and mind without putting a strain on the bones.

While researchers aren’t sure whether moderate-level exercise contributes to weight loss, it certainly has good health benefits, including improving brain function.

3. Unhealthy food choices

Consuming access amounts of unhealthy food can negatively affect your body and mind, preventing you from staying active. It also causes you to gain weight. 

Excess weight gain can have short-term effects on your body, such as a rise in stress levels, fatigue, sleep problems, low energy levels, lack of concentration, and tooth decay. In the long run, access weight can lead to heart problems, unbalanced blood pressure, depression, and type 2 diabetes.

These conditions are linked to heavy consumption of sugar, sodium, and a diet consisting primarily of carbohydrates and saturated fats. 

You can maintain a healthy weight by consuming healthy carbohydrates (for example, butternut squash, wheat bread, and brown rice), increasing lean protein intake, and limiting foods high in fat and sugar.

Quit these bad habits for mental wellbeing

A healthy emotional life is just as important as a healthy physical life. Therefore, you must pay attention to aspects that negatively influence your mental well-being. 

4. Constantly worried about what others think of you

If you constantly worry about what people may think of you, you can never be in a healthy state of mind. Soon this habit may morph into fear, making it difficult for you to cope with daily life. 

People will always have something to say about you. A minute detail like colored hair or fancy clothes can cause people to get irritated. You should focus on how appealing it is to you rather than whether others will find it appealing. No one is exempt from social judgment, but you can get there with practice.

Although you can’t control what other people think, you can control your thoughts about what they have said. 

5. Spending time with people who don’t care about you

It hurts to realize that not everyone cares about you, no matter what they say. People aren’t always looking out for your best interests. You can limit their influence or cut them out of your life to keep them out of your head.

Although it may be tough, it’s necessary. Initially, you may feel sad, but your happiness will skyrocket as time passes.

6. Acting like someone you aren’t

It is exhausting to try to be tough all the time. People don’t have toughness built into their character; it is a skill that many people mistake for a personality trait.

If you like martial arts, there is no harm if you also love to watch romantic movies and musicals. This doesn’t make your personality any less. If you are interested in learning about philosophy or reading literature, you should not be afraid to do so. 

Your dressing sense also has nothing to do with emotional resilience and toughness. If you want to wear a salmon-colored shirt or overalls to a party, do it.

You don’t have to stifle yourself to be understood by others.

7. Trying to find happiness in others

Are you relying on a job promotion to satisfy you? Or are you constantly dependent on relationships for happiness? If that is the case, you’ll always strive to impress others rather than improve yourself, leading to self-neglect and burnout. 

Remember, no relationship can provide you with what you cannot provide for yourself. And when your happiness solely depends on external factors, you can’t build lasting self-confidence. If you do not focus inward, you may live a life built on fleeting happiness.

8. Permission-seeking

Changing jobs, moving to a new city, or embarking on a new journey does not require permission from anyone. Permission comes only from within.

You don’t need to ask permission anymore. If you want to seek something from others, seek forgiveness.

9. Expecting everything will remain the same

Every action has its final moment, but that does not mean we can’t be content with where we are right now. It is a wonderful feeling to be in the moment, and one should appreciate it.

There are times when the world can seem like a dark place. The key to happiness is learning to accept the darkness while appreciating the light.


In our own lives, we all have bad habits that ruin and hamper the level of growth we can achieve in our lives and the quality of our lives. Breaking these bad habits and living a fulfilling life is never too late.

Subhajit Khara
Subhajit Khara
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