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uPVC windows are incredibly common up and down the country, and for good reason. The material, unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, is super versatile, cheap, and accessible. It lasts for a long time and can be used in everything from uPVC window frames to uPVC door frames, and uPVC can even be used to make a garage door!

When uPVC windows and doors do start to wear, though, homeowners often find themselves wondering whether to spray paint uPVC windows or whether to get replacement windows. So which one is better for your home’s exterior, uPVC spraying or uPVC replacement?

What are the benefits of spraying uPVC windows?

If you’ve found that your white uPVC windows are becoming discoloured or faded, or you just want to change up the style of your home, spray painting uPVC will be one of the options at hand. But why would you choose to spray paint uPVC windows? Are there benefits to uPVC window spray painting?

The short answer is yes spraying upvc windows has become popular. The benefits are:

Spray painting uPVC window frames is fast

uPVC painting provides homeowners with a way to change their uPVC windows and doors without having to remove and replace them. uPVC spraying can take as little as a few hours to a day, whereas replacing windows and doors could take up to a week!

uPVC spraying is the cost-effective option

uPVC spray painting is much cheaper than the alternative of replacing the uPVC. The labour costs of upvc spraying are much less, due to it being much quicker, and there are much fewer materials involved in the process. You can even do uPVC spraying yourself rather than hiring uPVC spraying services, helping to save money!

Cleaner and simpler process

Getting your uPVC windows sprayed is not only quicker, but the only mess produced when you spray uPVC windows is the protective tarp and covering, empty paint cans and the muck you clean off of the uPVC to make sure that the paint adheres properly.

A multitude of colours are available

When you choose uPVC spray painting, you get the choice of a huge array of uPVC paint colours. Regardless of what your chosen colour of paint is for your uPVC windows or garage door, it is likely to be available.

The downside of uPVC spraying

Whilst there are many upsides to choosing to spray paint uPVC, there are also some downsides. For example:

Paint uPVC windows or doors may void warranty

If you’ve got a warranty on your window frames or composite doors, you might find that choosing to paint the uPVC window or composite doors may result in that warranty being voided. This means that you may have to pay out for any damage or issues with the uPVC. This means that you’re then at risk if your uPVC fitting starts to break or become damaged.

uPVC paint will eventually chip or fade over time

Spray painting uPVC windows is a good option, but, as with any paint, it will eventually begin to fade – especially if it’s in a particularly sunny area as UV rays can discolour uPVC surfaces.

However, uPVC paint tends to last a long time – you’re looking at at least 10 years. Most spray painting services will give you a 10-year guarantee on newly sprayed uPVC fittings. As long as the job is done well, fading or chipping isn’t something that will be a huge concern. Even when it does occur, you’ll be able to just do an uPVC respray on your windows and doors rather than getting new windows.

The benefits of replacing your uPVC window frames

If you’re not sold on spray painting your windows and doors, there’s always the option of replacing them. There are a few benefits to this, which are:

Replacing uPVC windows and doors can improve a home’s energy efficiency

If you’ve got old or damaged uPVC fittings in your home, you might find that replacing them will be more cost-effective in the long run, as you might save money on your gas bills. Old windows and doors can lead to drafts, whereas when you get new windows and doors fitted, you can ensure that your window frames are double or triple glazed, and make sure that your doors let in no drafts!

New window frames and doors are a good option if your uPVC has warped

In particularly old homes or properties where the uPVC has not been well cared for, sometimes the uPVC is warped and misshapen on the outside or inside. This can lead to issues with opening and closing and reduces the property’s kerb appeal.

Unfortunately, spray painting uPVC will not hide these warped areas. Replacing the windows, though, will.

What are the downsides of replacing your uPVC windows?

With that in mind, there are plenty of downsides to replacing your uPVC windows. Such as:

Replacing uPVC is less cost-effective

Since spray painting uPVC can be done by both professional painters and amateur painters alike, the labour costs are low. The material costs are also low. Alternatively, to remove and replace a window, there are lots of costs to consider, ultimately meaning that the replacement cost is much higher than that of uPVC painting even if it’s done by a professional painter!

Replacing uPVC is inconvenient

Replacing uPVC fittings will take much longer than spray painting and will lead to large areas of your property being unusable at any given time. As a result, it’s incredibly inconvenient. In addition, you will also have to tolerate a skip on or near your property, and will likely have a large team of labourers working on your property!

So which is the best option?

With uPVC painting being cheaper, quicker and easier, but uPVC replacing being best for energy efficiency, which of the two is the best option?

Generally, if your uPVC windows and doors are working well, you’d be better off opting to have them sprayed. Spraying windows will give them a new colour and a sense of life, and you can choose from colours from white to anthracite grey. Then, when you do decide it needs topping up, you can just do some uPVC respraying.

If your windows and doors need replacing, if they’re warped or not functioning, then replacing is the best option.

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