Useful Tips for Beginner Drummers

The drums are one of the most fun instruments to play. Aside from so many sounds you could make and explore, you could also combine the sound of drums with almost any music type as long as you had the right rhythm.

Just like other musical instruments, learning to play the drums also requires much time and patience to achieve perfection. However, everything is worth it in the end when you already mastered the right playing that you’re aiming for. If you’re still starting out as a beginner drummer, here are some of the best and most useful tips that would help you a lot in the learning process.

Choose the Right Drum Set

To get started, be sure you have the right drum set that suits you. There are plenty of options to choose from but an electronic drum kit is mostly recommended for beginners because of its adjustable volume, perfect for practicing for long hours.

Aside from finding the right drum kit, it is also important that your setup feels comfortable for you while playing. A comfortable setup will help you play at your best. You could ask an expert for help in setting up your drum set if you haven’t figured it out yet.

Build Coordination

Coordination is an essential part of becoming a drummer. Playing the drums requires all four limbs to play different parts and that requires much coordination and timing. A lot of newbies find it difficult at first but with regular practice, they get to develop this skill later on and play more complex beats in the long run. Start practicing with linear beats to develop and build independence on the hands and feet.

Follow the Right Posture and Grip

It might not be that apparent but having good posture is important when playing the drums. The right posture helps reduce the risk of injuries happening and it also allows you to play in a relaxed and more enjoyable way. Set up your drum kit and throne so that it feels comfortable while you play. Aside from that, you also need to hold the drum sticks correctly. It should be a firm grip but not too tight since they need to move freely and bounce after hitting the drum head.

Practice Using a Metronome

For new drummers, building a strong sense of rhythm is essential. Aside from constant practice, using a metronome while playing the drum also helps improve your accuracy, rhythm, and playing speed. Start with slower speed and basic routines and once you already mastered playing these, you could move on to play simple songs for beginner drummers. The better rhythm control and accuracy you have, the more you could proceed to faster and more complex rudiments and songs.

Learning how to play the drums requires time and patience. You might find yourself stumbling with the basics at first especially if it’s your first time but with more practice, you can slowly improve your playing style and later master the instrument.

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