Wedding Gown Types for Every Body Shape

Weddings are one of the most memorable occasions in one’s life. This event doesn’t happen every day, making it extra special especially for the couple who are getting married. Because of this, it is natural that you’d want to look your best during you and your partner’s big day.

Choosing the wedding gown is one of the most exciting parts for a bride-to-be. However, with so many weddings dress styles out here, picking one can be confusing. Just like other outfits, there are some wedding dress styles that look really flattering for certain body types. While there are no rules when it comes to the dress you could wear in a wedding, knowing the flattering styles for your shape can actually help you narrow down your choices and pick the best one for you.

Read along to know more about the different wedding gown styles that suits according to every body shape.


An hourglass figure has a more defined waist, a wide waist, and big bust. A lot of women desire this type of shape because it looks well balanced and curvaceous. If you have this body shape, it is best to avoid dresses that would add weight to your bust and waist such as ball gowns, empire dresses, or dresses with fuller skirts.

Instead, look for styles that show off those curves such as mermaid style or silhouette. Plunge and sweetheart neckline also looks more flattering to your assets. If you’re looking for best wedding dresses Melbourne has some great shops offering a wide variety of styles and designs.


Those who have a pear shape tend to have wider hips than the bust area and a defined waist. Since the lower part of the body looks heavier, it is best to steer away from dresses that add weight to this part and make you look bigger than your real size. Dresses in fishtail or mermaid style looks flattering to this figure. You could also opt for sleeved dresses since it helps balance out the smaller shoulders to your wide hips.


If you’re upper body is wider than your waist, then you have an inverted triangle shape. Since you have wide shoulders, it is best to avoid dress styles that accentuate the shoulder part such as strapless, halter necks, and off shoulders. Instead, go for V-neck styles with sleeves or fuller straps to balance out the wide shoulders and make it appear more subtle.


The apple shape refers to a larger bust, fuller torso area, and narrow hips. Because of the fuller figure, opt for dresses that have a straight shape such as A-line or empire dress. Low necklines also look flattering since it draws the eye away from the full midsection. The subtle flow of the dress creates a perfect balance to the full figure you have.

If you’re confused which dress to choose for your wedding day, this little guide can surely help you find the perfect one that suits your shape perfectly.

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