What Do People Do When It’s Night Time at the Beach?






It’s estimated that nearly three out of four Americans go to the beach to de-stress. Now, when most people think of the beach, they tend to picture daytime activities.

However, the reality is that the fun doesn’t need to end once the sun goes down. As long as there aren’t any strict operating hours in place, you can keep the beach party going well into the night.

So what are some fun things to do when it’s night time at the beach? In this guide, we’ll be going over some suggestions for making beach memories that will last a lifetime.

Star and Meteor Watching

This activity won’t work everywhere. If you’re in a crowded boardwalk area, the light pollution will likely make it difficult to see stars. However, if you’re on a more remote section of the beach, then on a clear night the sky can be full of wondrous star-watching opportunities.

You might even get lucky and see a shooting star. Best of all, you have the perfect sandy ground to lie back on and enjoy it all.


Beaches during the night can get cold, even during the summer. That’s why bonfires can be such a fun activity. Not only do they provide warmth, but they also make a great gathering place for games and singing.

Just make sure that the beach you’re on allows these types of fires. Also, you want to ensure that the fire you’re setting up is safe both for the people gathering around it and the surrounding beach environment.

Cooking and Meals

Speaking of fires, nighttime at the beach can also be an excellent opportunity to grill out for your beach party. If you have a fire or cooking equipment on the beach, then you can cook directly in front of the water.

Alternatively, you can also prepare the food away from the beach, and then bring it down to enjoy by the ocean. Make sure to check out this resource for some inspiration for the best beach food.

Flashlight Tag

If you have a large group and a flashlight or two, you have all the ingredients for a fun game. A flashlight tag is just like a regular tag, only the person who’s ‘it’ has a flashlight. The second they shine it on someone, they pass the equipment off to the other person.

Sing Alongs

It might be a cliche, but when someone breaks out an acoustic guitar at the beach it’s time for a sing-along. Choose some music that everyone in the group knows for a good time. No guitar? No problem! Just start an acapella song and let your voices ring through the night.

Appreciate Learning About Night Time at the Beach Activities? Keep Exploring

We hope this guide helped inspire some fun activities for night time at the beach. Just remember to always be safe, especially with water activities. It’s not a good idea to swim at night, especially if people in your group have been drinking.

However, there’s nothing wrong with exploring tide pools to find some nocturnal creatures. As long as you stick to the activities in this list, you’re sure to have a fun, safe time.

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