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Although you might have seen catalogs of ideas for modern and unique weddings, there’s certainly no shame in deciding that a traditional wedding is right for you. When you’re trying to plan a traditional wedding, there are certain elements that are important not to disregard or do without, and here are some of the features that no classic wedding should skip.

1. The Veil

You might already have your heart set on a dress, and you might have decided to borrow jewelry from a close relative or friend. However, if you’re going for a traditional look, you need to keep your veil in mind.

There are a surprising number of different veil styles to choose from, and it’s important that you find one that matches your dress and the overall look that you’re going for. You should also find one that’s comfortable and that does not feel as if it’s hindering your enjoyment of the day. If you’re stumped when it comes to your bridal veil, you should do a lot of online research that can inform your decision when you’re choosing a veil for your dress.

2. The Venue

When you want to pursue a traditional wedding, the venue you pick will make a big difference. The wedding venue can help to set the tone of the day and create the right ambiance. If you’re religious, the venue might be a house of worship that’s local to you and that you’ve already created memories with your family in.

However, you might also search for alternatives, such as a historic house, that can ensure that your wedding is steeped in traditions and a love of the past. You should always visit these venues before you book your big day, though, to check that they’re perfect for you and that they live up to their digital pictures.

3. The Vows and Service

The next item on your agenda when you’re planning a traditional wedding should be your wedding vows and the service. If you want to follow the patterns of your parents and grandparents, you might consider opting for the formal wedding vows without personalizing them at all, or you might decide to make subtle changes that can allow you to keep their essence while updating them for the modern era and your own values.

In terms of the wedding service, you should look around for officiants and find one who matches the tone that you’re going for, whether you want a religious ceremony or one that has a few personal touches.

4. The Wedding Party

A traditional wedding will have an extensive wedding party made up of roles like the bridesmaids, maid of honor, and groomsmen. To get your friends involved and ensure that you have support on your big day, you should invite your friends and family to fill these roles and become part of the ceremony itself. However, you shouldn’t feel pressured to ask certain people to take on responsibilities, and you should instead go for the people who you trust and love most.

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