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Whether you wish to accommodate a growing family or simply make your humble abode feel more spacious and sizeable, the desire for more space is pretty common. What are some easy-to-implement tips to help you make the most of your space?

Making room to breathe in your residence isn’t just important for one’s physical health and mental well-being. Let’s discuss here some helpful suggestions to make your house roomier.

How to make more space in your house?

While Texas is the largest state in the US, the lot size of homes in the Lone Star state has the fifth smallest, including in its major metro areas of Dallas, Austin, and Houston. The average lot size is 9,540 square feet, which makes for smaller homes than in other parts of the country. So living in a cluttered home in Forney, TX, can be a horrible and annoying experience.

Nobody likes it with the closets and cupboards feeling tight and people constantly tripping over something. If you think this is happening to you, there may be a few things you can do to make more space in your house. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Rent storage units

Declutter the house and discard the things you don’t use anymore. Find an external storage solution if some of your valuables take up more space. For instance, if you’re living in Forney located in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, you can look up storage units Forney TX for safe, spacious, and temperature-controlled storage solutions. This can help you free up a considerable amount of space in your home.

2. Hide extra garments

Your garments scattered all over the place aren’t an aesthetically pleasurable thing to watch. Fix this problem by hiding non-seasonal clothes for a few months under your bed or in the storage unit you just rented. Get some vacuum-tight containers to air-sealed bags where your temporarily decommissioned wearables can rest for the season.

3. Add more mirrors

Putting up some mirrors can make your residence look larger and brighter. For instance, if the house is surrounded by natural sceneries, hanging some big-sized mirrors on the opposite wall reflects the greenery outside and enhances the house’s interior aesthetics. You can buy some mirrors online and add to the beauty of your home. Find antique pieces to expand the place visually even beyond its realistic proportions. But don’t overdo this trick or you risk creating some more clutter on the walls.

4. Use multifunctional furniture

Some homeowners invest in multifunctional furniture instead of getting one that doesn’t serve any other purpose. Create space in smaller rooms by placing these useful things there, e.g., an Ottoman-styled storage facility. You can also buy a couch that becomes a bed when needed. Install under-bed storage spaces. You can find many ingenious storage ideas by browsing Pinterest and checking its home décor section.

5. Paint the walls

There’s nothing more space-friendly than good-looking wallpapers or fresh paint on the walls. So, go with light colors to make your home look more spacious. Don’t excessively use patterns because they defeat why we paint the house again. Prefer using neutral shades, e.g., white or beige. That’s how you give a house the feeling of continuity. A glossy finish reflects light and makes the wall act like a mirror.

6. Remember the attic

What about the attic? It’s also a handy addition to your house. It can help remove all the unwanted but valuable things in the home. If you have an attic, you might not need self-storage units right now. Statistics say that 1 in 7 Americans have so much clutter in one room that it isn’t even usable anymore. Avoid this scenario by using your right properly. Clean up your rooms so you may keep the clutter in the attic temporarily.

7. Refurbish the Basement

Most homes in Texas don’t have basements, so you’re lucky if yours does. Having a basement means you’ve landed a goldmine of domestic storage solutions. Refurbish the basement to make it more storage-friendly. Basement renovations aren’t cheap; they’re worth the expenses. After the renovation, the basement can become very useful for your household storage problems. You may bring your extra furniture down and even turn the place into a decent gaming area. There are so many things to do with a basement in the house.

8. Organize the bathroom

A cleaner bathroom means a more spacious residence, and it can be done on a budget too. You may roll up the towels, get storage baskets, and hang things up on the wall. Also, declutter the bathroom by discarding all junk items. Making more space in the bathroom means more space for storing your toiletries. Also, showering in an expansive bathroom can be a pleasing experience. You can give your bathroom an intimate and contented feeling by organizing it, even without refurbishing the place.

9. Go with minimalism

Minimalism emphasizes simplicity and using space to make a room feel larger and more open. 60% of Americans believe their home décor styles are minimalist. Minimalism is about simplicity and using natural elements, e.g., sunlight, to make the house appear more spacious. Don’t gather clutter in the house; use simple patterns to renovate the place. Embrace a Spartan view on decoration. For instance, many people use personal photos to adorn instead of expensive online-bought pics.

10. Welcome the sunlight

Use natural elements to make your house look more spacious. Welcome the sunlight by opening all the windows in the summer. What about the winter, then? As a homeowner, you can install special window glasses that only allow sunlight to come and block all the heat.


Making more space in your house isn’t difficult when you know all the tricks involved. If you’re living in a state known for having small dwellings than the national average, like Texas, make room in the house by renting self-storage units to store all your valuables you don’t want to part ways with but don’t want inside your home either. Add mirrors, open your windows, and renew the paint on the walls. Renovate your attic, bedroom, and basement to make more space. Also, organize the bathroom to make it look aesthetically pleasing and more spacious. These simple suggestions can help you make your house more livable.

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