Top 10 Best Paying Jobs In Integrated Oil Companies






Many of the best-paying jobs in integrated oil corporations are also among the highest-paying employment available—the below listed are the top and most recommended jobs based on the survey.

Well Tester (Average salary: $44,061)

A ‘well tester’ is in charge of all oil pipeline checks and evaluations. They carry these tests out during the development phase—before they put the pipelines into operation.

This position is critical since the work will aid in predicting the pipeline’s risk levels and general stability. 

You’ll utilize your detective abilities to assist establish the viability of a project as significant as a pipeline, making this an illustrious career for problem solvers. 

Lease Operator (Average salary: $322,251)

Lease operators guarantee that all gas and oil extracted from drilling sites is securely delivered to gas stations and processing plants.

Inspecting cars and heavy equipment is part of the work—They must regularly check the equipment used in all stages of extraction and transit.

Safety Director (Average salary: $132,141) 

Companies must guarantee that the highest safety standards are used in all sectors of the organization—not just to ensure that no one is physically injured on the work, but also to safeguard the environment.

The safety director is in charge of all of this.

Pipeline Construction Manager (Average salary: $130,087)

The pipeline construction manager handles the upkeep and asset management of all wells drilled and installed by the organization—They also ensure that all the company’s safety procedures are appropriately implemented.

The work of a pipeline construction manager is unique in that they are also in charge of all technical and financial activities related to drilling by either gas or oil.

It’s a multifaceted profession with many moving pieces.

Human Resources Advisor (Average salary: $123,341)

This personnel will assist organizations in recruiting and retaining staff, conducting employee assessments, developing standard operating procedures, and resolving conflicts.

HSE Manager (Average salary: $99,126)

This manager is referred to as HSE, which stands for Health, Safety, and the Environment—Their role is to administer and create all safety initiatives linked to these three areas for the entire organization. employee

After developing the plans, they will be in charge of regularly updating and revising them, as well as reporting to independent groups that conduct audits on oil and gas companies.

Drilling Engineer (Average salary: $95,548)

These high-paying positions with integrated oil firms demand someone to carry out all drilling activities aimed at extracting crude oil and natural gas from the ground. 

This work requires some testing as well as supervising a team of drillers besides running the drills.

Project Manager (Average salary: $92,500)

Project managers may be in charge of a range of different duties—This career pays well on average, but it has the potential to be the highest-paid employee in the entire industry.

Project managers are to oversee a certain element of the industry from start to end.

Oil Hauler (Average salary: $86,065)

After they remove the oil from the ground, someone must assist in transferring it to refineries, where the raw material is turned into useable goods — This is what an oil hauler does.

It’s essentially a trucking profession, but there are some additional restrictions because you’ll be delivering flammable products. 

This is an excellent career for folks who enjoy traveling throughout the nation and spending quality time alone.

Operations Director (Average salary: $84,932)

This individual will oversee all the company’s critical functions such as sales, budget, negotiating, promotion, and buying. 

It’s a tough profession, but because of the variety of expertise gained, it may lead to a variety of other high-paying careers in integrated oil firms.

Subhajit Khara
Subhajit Khara
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