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Pro Ana is also known as Anorexia Nervosa. It is a mental condition in which people fear gaining weight. People suffering from Anorexia Nervosa unexpectedly lose weight by refusing to eat food. Pro-Ana diets are for people who are suffering from fear of gaining excessive weight or obesity. In this blog, you will find some of the pro-ana tips to overcome this fear with pro-ana diet plans.

Is it safe?

No, it is not safe. Always consult a doctor before starting the pro-ana diet.

People Suffering from Anorexia tend to eat nothing. This is caused due to the fear of getting excessive weight gain. Pro-ana Diet is for those people who have stopped eating any foods due to fear of gaining weight. Though a pro-ana diet is not safe, it is better to eat something rather than eat nothing.

What is Anorexia?

Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorder symbol followed by abnormal low weight compared to normal. The symptoms of anorexia are as follows:

  1. Body image is distorted
  2. Unwillingness to eat food
  3. Mood Swings and changes in an emotional state
  4. Excessive intense to do exercise
  5. Following strict dieting plans
  6. Consumption of Drugs or Alcohol
  7. Excessive Weight Loss

Some of the physical problems that a person may suffer are:

  • Fatigue
  • Weakening of bones and muscles
  • Dizziness
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Formation of cavity
  • Sensitivity towards cold
  • Hair and Nails become Brittle

We have pro-ana tips to solve this critical illness with pro-ana meal plans. These tips will substitute the eating disorder symbol. People suffering from pro-anorexia tend toward diet plans that include low-calorie intake. Here is a list of pro-ana diets that not only gives mental satisfaction to people suffering from pro anorexia but also provide the necessary food intake to maintain health.

The Names of Pro-Ana Diets

  1. The Lunabelle Diet
  2. The Rainbow Diet
  3. The ABC Diet
  4. The Five Bites Diet
  5. The Russian’s Gymnast Diet
  6. The Baby Food Diet
  7. The Vegan Model Diet
  8. The Ana Atkins Diet

#1 The Lunabelle Diet

Another version of the Pro-Ana Boot Camp Diet is the Lunabelle Diet. In the pro-ana boot camp diet, there is a plan of 50 days. In the case of the Lunabelle Diet, you need to follow pro ana diets for 40 days. In Lunabelle Diet there are a greater number of fasting days. Here you consume 80 to 100 calories per day. This type of diet plan is completely doable. You will lose a minimum of 20 pounds of weight if you follow this diet plan for 40 days.

#2 The Rainbow Diet

Fruits and Vegetables

As the name suggests, this is a The Rainbow Diet is a 7 days diet plan. The pro-ana meal plans are as follows

Monday as White Day

BreakfastApple (Half)
LunchApple (Half)
DinnerCucumber (Full)

Tuesday as Yellow Day

BreakfastBanana (One)
LunchBanana (One)
DinnerCorn (Half Cup)

Wednesday as Holiday

Thursday as Orange Day

BreakfastOrange (Half)
LunchOrange (Half)
DinnerCarrot (One)

Friday is Rose Day (Red)

BreakfastStrawberries (Half Cup)
LunchStrawberries (Half Cup)
DinnerRed Pepper (Half)

Saturday as Purple and Blue Day

BreakfastBlueberries (10)
LunchBlueberries (10)
DinnerRaspberries (10)

Sunday as Green Day

BreakfastGrapes (Half Cup)
LunchGrapes (Half Cup)
DinnerLettuce (One Cup)

#3 The ABC Diet

The ABC Diet is popularly known as Ana Boot Camp Diet. It consists of a 50 days diet plan. There are a few fasting days after a few days gap. Not every people pass this Ana Boot camp diet plan. One who passes this plan will surely lose at least 20 pounds.

You can intake calories ranging from (50 to 500) per day. The main attraction of ABC diet Plans is that you can eat anything. One thing you must follow is not to eat too much. Stick to ABC Diet plans chart strictly to pass this diet plan and lose more than 20 pounds of weight.

#4 The Five Bites Diet

The five Bites Diet is like eating 5 bites of food to console your heart that your stomach is full. This type of pro-ana meal is very much effective for people who are suffering from anorexia nervosa.

The Five Bites Diets Includes:

An woman is cutting vegetables
BreakfastOatmeal (5 Bites)
LunchSandwich (5 Bites)
DinnerPasta (5 Bites)

Other things that are in Five Bites Diets are liquids with very low calories. You can drink lots of water and also lemon Juice. They are a part of Five Bites Diets.

#5 The Russian’s Gymnast Diet

Veg Smoothie

This diet plan is named after famous Russian Gymnast Irina Tschachina. Her height is 5’6 and her weight was 99 pounds. Imagine what she has done to reduce her weight to a great extent. From sources, we come to know her diet plans. The Diet she used to follow is now termed Russia’s Gymnast Diet. It is one of the pro-ana diet plans that you can follow

The Russian Gymnast Diet Includes:

BreakfastJuice 1 glass (Apple or Orange)
LunchJuice with Salad (Fruit Salad with Fruit Juice)
DinnerApple (Green + One glass of water)

All the juices that are in the above list must be from fresh fruits and handmade. Don’t buy packaged juices. Artificial sweeteners are present in packages. They add calories to your diet instead of reducing it.

#6 The Baby Food Diet

A baby is preparing soup

This is one interesting pro ana diet plan that includes baby food. There is not much to write about the Baby Food Diet, but still, you can follow the chart below

BreakfastBaby Food (Vegetable and organic Based)
LunchSame as breakfast
DinnerSame as above

#7 The Vegan Model Diet

Bunch of Carrot

It is also an effective pro-ana meal plan. You will feel like a vegan. The vegan model diet gives you a flat stomach as well. This is possible due to no intake of meats. Here the number of calories consumed is approximately 200 calories. Follow this diet plan for 7 days and you will notice a change in yourself. The Diet Plan is below.

BreakfastBread (One Piece) + Coffee (Without Sugar)
LunchApple (1 Large)
DinnerCarrots (8 Small)

You can also try several other vegetables and fruits for dinner. Healthy powders can also be included in the vegan model diet.

#8 The Ana Atkins Diet

A piece of Fish

It is one type of Keto Diet. People mistake it for a highly consumable diet plan. But, be sure The Ana Atkins Diet is very effective. Don’t mix Kito Diet with Ana Atkins Diet completely. Follow the diet plan below:

BreakfastOmelet (3 Remove Yellow Part)
SnacksBaked fish (White Fillet)
LunchChicken (1 Roasted Drumstick)
SnacksGarlic Prawn (50 grams)
DinnerSalad (1 full cup) + Sirloin Steak (Grilled)

This diet burns fat quickly. You might think there is a lot to eat, but this diet plan is really effective.

Cons of Pro-Ana Diets

Besides weight loss, there are many cons of pro-ana diets

  1. Lacks the necessary nutrients that our body requires.
  2. Drastic Weight loss.
  3. May lead to insomnia and fatigue
  4. Abnormal body shape
  5. Loss of strength

Expert Advice on Pro Ana Diets

Though Pro Ana Diets help you to lose weight, don’t follow it strictly. It may lead to the above stressful conditions. Try to eat healthy food with fewer calories and stick to specific low quantities. Don’t overeat as it adds more calories to your diet. Try to keep yourself hydrated by drinking non-carbonated water.

Important Questions:

Which Pro Ana Diet is super effective?

The Rainbow Diet and the ABC diet are the most popular diet plans.

How to stick to a diet pro ana?

It isn’t easy to stay on a Pro Ana diet. However, if you really want to lose weight, you have to stick with it.

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