What Triggers a Stomach Ache?

A stomach ache is one of the most common body pains we have all experienced throughout our lives. And as slight they feel the discomfort of an unsettle balance can make you feeling uncomfortable and irritated. While we mostly associate stomachs with food intake there a lot of reasons as to how and why a stomach can feel unsettled.

Other than very serious health issues, IBS, bloating, gastritis and food choices are a some of the usual reasons to irritate our stomachs and they all have a good reason. Here are some of your eating and lifestyle habits that are affecting how you stomach works.

Varied eating habits

While some people love enjoying a fixed diet and being mindful of their food intake, there are the others who live in the “you only live once” state of mind. Whichever one you are in balance is an important factor to consider as we have all heard from our parents “too much of anything is good for nothing”.

Constant gastritis or bloating is a common sign of a proper and constant intake of food. Skipping meals or only focusing on one type of food over a long period of time can ruin how you stomach is supposed to work. An excessive amount of carbs can leave you feeling bloated due to gas and a lack of a balanced meal can result in gastritis.

Making a note of triggers

Have you ever noticed that certain foods just cause upset stomachs or even nausea? This could mean that you are allergic or your body simply cannot handle ingredients in the food. Dairy and gluten are some of the most common triggers and can make you feel sick and uncomfortable. You can add alternatives such as vegan cream to your favourite dishes instead of dairy. Trying out these alternatives will help you not only feel better but also improve your dietary habits.

An indication of a long-term illness

If you are experiencing long term discomfort in your stomach it might be an indication of a more serious illness. If prolonged do not delay getting a doctor’s consultation as some illness get serious over time. If you do discover it in the early stages there may be plenty of medical procedures that can help keeping it under control.

Getting plenty of exercise

One of the most common reasons to feel full and uncomfortable is the lack of exercise. Cardio burns up the calories created by food intake leaving you feeling much lighter and comfortable. Doing a set of exercises that focus on the stomach can help burn the extra calories and also help strengthen core muscles. Make it a habit to do a few sets in a daily workout to help with stomach issues caused by over eating.

These healthy habits can help change your metabolism greatly. It is never too late to start to improve your eating and exercise habits to allow you to look and feel great all the time.

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