Why Spirituality Can Be a Source of Comfort in Times of Grief






No matter how difficult it seems to overcome times of grief, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and we need to find coping mechanisms against this strong feeling. One can choose to surrender to sad bonds with the past and never recover, yet if you do research on spirituality and give it a chance, it can help you in challenging times. If you choose the path of spirituality, you might find ways to heal, and here is how to achieve that:

Honor Your Loved One

One of the most difficult things that happens in the lives of all people is the loss of a beloved person. Often, we don’t know how to struggle with the feelings of sadness and emptiness, so we need to share a memory of that person. Therefore, you can opt for the Fort Myers Memorial, which will help you honor your beloved person through memorial tributes. It’s facilitating when everything is neatly organized in times of grief, so you can celebrate your beloved one in a way that he or she truly deserves.

Understand Your Feelings

The first step toward the healing process is to understand how you feel and the triggers that make you feel sad. Sometimes, spirituality is an important source of comfort in times of grief because it reminds you that nothing lasts forever and that you should live in the present. 

Many people neglect this important step, so give yourself time to uncover the source of your rage, anxiety, and resentment. Take some time to cherish life and its precious moments, so do more things that make you happy and give you the necessary comfort.


If you constantly feel anxious or sad, begin each day with meditation, even if it lasts briefly. This will help you start the day from a place of peace, feeling calm and grounded. Meditation can only have positive changes in your life because you’ll feel less stressed and have a better connection with your innermost feelings and thoughts. Also, you practice patience and compassion that way and understand that you can’t control all events in your life. This will help you accept your loss and facilitate a way to recovery.

Reconnect with Nature

The natural world can be a source of comfort, so when you feel overwhelmed with negative feelings or sadness, find the necessary peace in nature. For that, spend more time hiking or simply resting your mind surrounded by the natural world, which can soothe your soul and give you the necessary shelter. 

You’ll feel alive again, far away from the things or people that remind you of the source of your grief. Moreover, you can start reading some spiritual literature because you can feel inspired and refreshed.

Examine Your Beliefs

Try to be conscious of your beliefs and understand how much energy you invest in them. Sometimes, it’s useful to question our thoughts, opinions, and spiritual growth. If we’re constantly judgmental toward others or worry over things we can’t control, it will disturb our peace, and we’ll feel guilt for each negative thought or event in our lives. Instead, have faith in the universe, people, and yourself. Remember that by expanding your mind and accepting things the way they are, feelings of grief will fade away with time.

Find Your Purpose

Spirituality is about finding the purpose of your life, so once you achieve this, you’ll be on a path of spiritual awakening. Still, these things take time, especially when you lose a dear person and don’t know what to do with your life. 

Keep in mind that you need to move on, no matter how hard it is, and find a purpose that will fulfill you and make you feel better. It can be your job, hobby, or small pleasures that will remind you that you still have a life ahead of you.

Let Things Go

This is the most challenging step you need to take if you’re in a state of deep grief: letting go. This means you can feel sad, accept the loss, reconcile with it, and, in the end, let it go. This is a healing process supported by spirituality, which is a lifelong journey. Accept the past and life as they are; understand negative feelings and free them from yourself. That way, you’ll feel relieved, and you’ll be ready to feel alive and happy again.

Considering the above tip, it’s clear how spirituality can be a great source of comfort if we practice it and try to help ourselves in times of grief. This journey is just ours, so we need to put a bit of effort into it and surrender to the thought that the universe has a good plan for us. This is a healing process that might take time, but give it to yourself; you deserve it.

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